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Not all coaches are bunk!

So... yeah.  There was a time, in the not too distant past, where I was approached by various life coaches and my mindset at the time was "Who needs a life coach?", "What a stupid profession", and quite frankly "Leave me the F alone".  It definitely didn't help that they showed up, un-announced at Within Physical Therapy, interrupting my client sessions and not respecting my boundaries.  And the incessant phone messages and emails and car-salesman pressure tactics didn't at all help change my opinion either.  

The great words of a mentor that have stuck with me over several years goes something like this... "Careful what you judge... lest you walk their shoes and then understand".

What can I say? Now I understand.  When my career as a holistic physical therapist was reaching a monumental point where I knew I needed to end it, I was left to wrestle with what can I possibly do where I still honor my investment + time (and blood, sweat, and tears - let's be real here, lots of blood, sweat, and tears), do what I'm most passionate about (using energy + intuition to assist dream clients), and let go of the identity of being a physical therapist?  How can I possibly utilize all of my training from University and post-graduate studies, and all of my 15 years experience as a physical therapist specializing in holistic wellness, energy + intuitive work (and everything non-mainstream), and yet not be a physical therapist? How can I be free of "physical therapist" yet utilize the knowledge, tools, and expertise I've gained?

Answer: coach!

So, I became a Certified Coach Practitioner and simply swapped the hands-on part of physical therapy with a coaching model... that... get this... utilizes the same holistic framework, intuitive + energy work that I so(!!!) love (and that now I can use in an unrestricted way), along with neuroplasticty / brain-training!

The coaching I do now is essentially a mirror image of all that I did at Within Physical Therapy minus the hands-on (which is simply NOT needed in energy/ intuitive work).  

Quite surprisingly, I've found using the energetic + intuitive tools much easier now that it's unrestricted and not in-person. I hadn't expected that, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

But, none of this changes the fact that there are good coaches out there, and then the not-so-much variety... much like everything else in the wellness industry.  There's those in it for the right reasons, and there's those who aren't. That has certainly been an eye-opening experience for me, and something I felt so strongly about, that I did this video on it which you can watch below.

Watch video now!

I also posted quite a bit of content on this topic...


The "nitty gritty" is this below:

I'll also just highlight that I have about zero tolerance for other coaches, or any health professional for that matter, who attempt to climb the ladder by publicly degrading or defaming other coaches/ professionals.  All too often, it's the egotistical peacockers with poor knowledge trying to raise themselves up by knocking someone else (usually an alternative practitioner whom is highly knowledgeable, educated, and impeccable) down.  Gross.  So, watch for that - anyone leading with ego or negatively speaking of others is doing so because they lack expertise + knowledge (and maturity and correct stewardship and etc - you get my drift).


In short, I vow that I'm one of the good ones.

Much heart + light,

Thanks for hearing me out... hopefully you've reached a new perspective like I did in realizing that not all coaches are bunk. :)
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