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We want to share 2 more client loves (ie reviews + testimonials!) with you! And did you know? It's our 1st birthday! View online
Happy birthday to me! And more testimonials!

We are incredibly excited to share with you, on our 1st birthday yet(!), 2 more "short + sweet" client testimonials!

Happy birthday to me!

Wow, can y’all believe it’s been a year since Step Within: Intuitive Energetic Coaching launched?

It was in June of 2020 that Within Physical Therapy permanently closed and really from the moment I handed over my keys, I began bringing Step Within to fruition... and now it's been a year already!

If you're interested to read my reflections on this first year, please check out my latest blog post - it's at the bottom of the page called "Happy  birthday to me!"

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And now for 2 more client loves aka testimonials...

Testimonial #3:


Rhonda Kwan is another powerful woman I had the absolute honor to work with.  Facing the challenges of working in healthcare amongst covid showed Rhonda her own resilience, strength, and determined mindset.  Cheers to the strong women working with me!  Rhonda completed our CORE 4 program like a boss(!) and here's her words:

"Working with Lynne to create the “space” I need to take a breath, a moment to realize I am the only one standing in my own way of the life I want to lead.  The power of the mind, faith, process, trust and energy to move “mental” mountains is phenomenal. Lynne helped me thru the insanity of Covid! The stress and anxiety of, in my case, working in Healthcare during it all was mentally, emotionally and physically draining on this old body that already suffers from fibromyalgia,  She gives you the tools to enable yourself to  work thru and around many of life’s obstacles, setting you on a higher path if you trust, believe and work thru the processes.  Her unwavering empathy, support, energy and love elevate your mindset to know that there are limitless possibilities in your life if you shift your perspective. 

Thank you Lynne for guiding me thru- I survived and I’m grateful to you for that❤️

I know that I will continue to “check in” with Lynne on a need to basis. ❤️❤️  "

Testimonial #4:


Rhaea Stinn is one badass woman - entrepreneur, massage therapist, world-renowned powerlifter, athlete and so much more.
Here's Rhaea's own words about her experience with Step Within:

"Before working with Lynne at Step Within, I was hesitant about doing energetic work online instead of in person.  I didn't think it would feel that effective when not physically in the same room, but I was definitely wrong!

Lynne has really developed a way of connecting online that felt effective and personal.  She's using multiple online programs to make things feel comfortable, and has a portal where you can review what you covered in the session after the fact.  

Lynne's coaching methods used a lot of questioning and imagery that helped guide us towards the best solutions for me.  We discussed potential barriers that could limit me from reaching my goals, and we worked together to come up with a plan of action.  Included with that within the Core 4 was a brain training script she created to help me reach my goals.  It definitely felt created just for me, and it's something I've continued to use almost daily even since completing my coaching sessions. 

While I think everyone's experience working with Lynne is going to be very unique to their personal situation, I believe Lynne's way of coaching can be adapted to almost anyone to help you achieve your goals! 

If you've been considering working with Lynne, I’d say just go for it and give her a shot!"

Want to know more about Rhaea?

Check out her here:

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Thank you to my dream clients for submitting these testimonials and allowing them to go public!  And thanks for taking the time to read + connect with me on my first birthday!
Change doesn't have to be hard + scary. All you need is the desire to not want to continue with the as-is, an action plan of attainable steps, brain-training, and a bit of grit to just keep climbing the steps.

Much heart + light,

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