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Energetic healing + meditation course opportunity... I'm teaching Training in Power Level 1 again! View online

I'm teaching Training in Power Level 1!  Starts 2 weeks from today!  It'll be the last Level 1 I teach this year!


You are invited to Training in Power Level 1!

What: Training in Power Academy of Meditation and Healing - Level 1

Where: in-person in Moose Jaw, Sk pending covid restrictions

When: 4 consecutive Saturday sessions at 9:00am Saskatchewan time / CST, beginning October 2nd (Oct 2nd, 9th, 16, and 23rd, 2021).

Length: Classes vary in length but typically run 4 hours each session; it is best you do not plan other commitments on class dates as class length depends entirely on the students

Cost: Reduced rate is $495.00 (regular rate is $555; both pre-gst)

Keep reading for more details below! This is a fantastic opportunity for Moose Jaw + area!

Level 1 is all about how to manifest, read people + situations by reading energy, protect yourself from negative energy, live a life of wellness + passion, and connect with your destiny + purpose.
Feeling called to learn how to meditate? to learn about the energetic realities that very much exist out there?
Are you called to meditate in a more powerful way? Needing a way to de-stress, unwind, know if someone's telling you the truth, and interpret your dreams? Wanting to feel more well, settled, and grounded in general? Want to learn how to manifest? How to avoid feeling drained from other people? How to tap in to your inner knowing/ intuition with more ease + clarity?
You might just be interested in Training in Power (TIP) Level 1!
And it's being offered at a discounted price! The TIP Academy for Meditation and Healing recognizes these pandemic times are stressful for everyone, and we all need this kind of work.
I believe TIP stands apart from other meditational courses quite simply because 1) it is an active meditation system (meaning we actively engage the mind! So, instead of passively aiming to quiet the mind, we actively work the mind to attain quiet, manifest, learn, + heal!) and 2) it is based in science while anchored strongly in quantum physics.
I teach it because I believe so strongly in what TIP offers... it's quite simply a life-changing opportunity that I invite you to take. 
Quick fact - 50% of those in TIP are reiki practitioners, and the Academy has stated that TIP Level 1 is like reiki, except times 100!
I invite you to read more about it on the Step Within site here:
Scroll down to the Power of Meditation Section (half way down page)

and the Training in Power site here:

TIP website - Level 1

Training in Power also has short informative videos about level 1 here:

videos on TIP Level 1

To register, click below! Spots are limited! Don't delay!


Also, please consider if you have a buddy who might be interested to take Level 1 along with you.  It makes the entire process much more streamlined and simplified if there is a buddy going through the process with you.  If you don't have an interested buddy, don't stress about it - you will have the opportunity to connect with other Level 1 people online if you like.  In my experience, it can be simplified if you have a local buddy to train with, but see how this feels for you...

Register Now!

If you'd like to save the processing fee, you can select "cheque" for payment and e-transfer your payment to the TIP Academy.  Payment goes to the Academy, not me!  For instructions on how to e-transfer, reply to this email and ask me!

One last thing... if you're interested but the dates do not work for you, let me know!  Many of you know my mom, Maggie Brochu, and she teaches Level 1 too! 


If you feel called to have Maggie as your teacher instead of me, that is 100% a-ok!  Let me know and I'll gladly connect you with Maggie!


Any questions? Email me at or simply reply to this email!

I'd be honored to teach you this life-changing work.  You get tools that are no less than absolutely life-changing.  That's the simple truth.  But, it is work and, just like with my coaching, I simply guide you to do the work you need to do.  Just know, the TIP Academy guarantees success if you show up and do the work. Period. 


Again, I'd be honored to teach you TIP Level 1 - reach out if you're interested and I'll reach back.


Much heart + light,

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