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A formal introduction

Hey there!

For those of you who are new, I’m Lynne Brochu!  I’m a general wellness personal coach, intuitive, and energetic healer. I’ve got a perspective of combining science with the power of intuition + energy to help you reach any wellness goal.  I believe we all deserve to live a magical life, and the best route to doing just that (in my humble opinion) is by combining scientific, intuitive, and energetic knowledge and healing. Want to keep reading? Scroll down! Rather watch videos? Click + watch below!

I bring with me the knowledge + expertise I’ve gained from my prior holistic physical therapy career – the science, the intuition, and the energetics.  Me pivoting to coaching has fostered my journey of fully utilizing all areas of knowledge – and I absolutely love this work. 

To me wellness umbrellas 7 core categories – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationship, and professional areas.  And to me, neuroplasticity aka brain-training is pivotal to driving sustained positive change.  More on that below…

I am not a physical therapist (anymore at least), personal trainer, nutritionist, counselor, psychologist, therapist, or licensed medical professional.  I am a general wellness + personal coach, intuitive, and energetic healer. I’m a wise old soul, lover of magic + science, balanced dreamer, knower + intuitive, avid energy practitioner, and seeker who longs for more.

I am a Certified Coach Practitioner through CCF.  Being one of many coaches out there, I’d like to highlight just 5 basic ways of how I’m unique + different.  First, I am a “general” wellness + personal coach.  I view things in a holistic manner and to me, wellness needs to be viewed holistically to bring optimal results.  This means adopting a wide lens is essential and means a narrow focus, in my humble opinion, brings narrow results.  It’s okay to visit the leaves on the trees on occasion, but it’s important to see the forest most of the time.  I often like to say “Start with the end in mind” instead of focusing on attaining a goal how you usually do, which is the “I do A, then B, then C…” mentality.  It’s optimal when the big picture at the end guides the step by step, not the other way around.

Second, I combine science with intuitive and energetic healing which offers a unique perspective + route to coaching.  I am not a conventional-minded person and as such, what I offer is definitely not the mainstream nor conventional route.  I utilize my prior holistic physio career knowledge and still very much assist physical (and mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationship, and professional) areas with energetic healing techniques that positively impact your dura (fight + flight system, survival system), viscera (internal organs and their connective tissue), alignment, mindset, attitude, routines, perspectives, abundance, connections, and passions.  And of course, the brain-training piece (paired with energetic healing) is the essential science behind maintained, long-term, sustainable change.

Third, I use no contracts and no lock-ins of any sort.  I believe it is imperative that you drive your wellness journey.  Requiring you to commit to months of coaching or “locking you in” with a contract doesn’t jive with honoring your knowing and what you need for your own wellness.  I do offer my “Core 4” program for those who want to commit to the 4 bedrock sessions at a discount price, but that’s very different than the typical coaching contract out there.  To foster your journey, I use knowledge, and I offer an efficient action plan of attainable steps, unlimited support between sessions, and I support you in your journey to wellness through science, energetic healing, and intuitive messages. 

Fourth, I am a multi-faceted entrepreneur.  All that I do ties to wellness and bringing light + positivity to the many communities I’m a part of.  As such, many of my clients tend to be entrepreneurial spirits +/or multifaceted people as well.  I believe aligning with the authentic you brings out your many facets and capabilities and interests.  The more multi-faceted you are, the more well you are, in my humble opinion.

Fifth, for those of you into “16 personalities”, I am the rarest personality type out there – the INFJ.  Basically that means I’m very introverted (96% introverted to be exact), intuitive, and I’m a feeler + judger.  The “feeler” means I follow my heart and I’m a caring + warm person by nature.  The “judging” part means I develop a clear + actionable plan in everything I do, probably with 5 back-up plans.  I don’t get sidetracked and I have a strong work ethic and an even stronger “To Do” list (or just sticky notes everywhere!).  INFJ in general means I’m not an idle dreamer – I take steps to realize my goals and make a lasting impact.  I take a stand for what is right, and I’m creative, altruistic, and of the “perfectionist” personality.  Integrity + impeccability is of the utmost importance to me.  I have a heart of gold and look for authenticity in everything I do.  And I’m damn determined (I’m also a taurus, just fyi).  These traits mean I’m also a seeker, and I see other seekers.  These traits also mean that I see the real + authentic you and what you’re striving to connect to, long before you actually attain that goal… 

I’m honored to get to be a witness to your transformation.

Lynne Brochu

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