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How I’m unique + different

Alright, so you may have seen my earlier posts about there being so many, so so many(!!!) coaches today, and I have strong opinions on what constitutes a correct coach.

The main way I’m unique + different as a coach is that I have a balanced weigh scale (insert a beautiful image of an ancient golden weigh scale in your mind please) of both energetic/ intuitive reading ability and science. I “read” in the same way I used to all through my 15-year physical therapy career. And working primarily in energetic systems for that career has honed up my reading skills, if I do say so myself. Intuition and energy is just an area I quite love, and so to satisfy that nerdy need-to-learn part of myself, I’ve also embarked on taking a variety of courses in this area to hone my own system and bring in as many tools as I feasibly can. Every year I train to be more + more intuitive, and I’ve done so for several years now.

I’m also a total science nerd. Confession. Total. Science. Nerd. I love logic and evidence-based research. While “froo froo” can be nice some times, in order for me to use it, believe it, trust it, and dedicate myself to it, it must have a strong science element. The science part I’ve carried through to coaching is the entire umbrella of neuroplasticity (or brain-training).

We know, with absolute precision and certainty, that willpower bringing any kind of sustainable change is simply not possible. Science tells us this. Willpower simply cannot overcome the abundance of old + limiting beliefs, patterns, and tracks we’ve all got taking us down that old, familiar path or route (and away from our actual goals + dreams). Willpower cannot overcome these old patterns + beliefs, but brain-training can!

Neuroplasticity or brain-training has historical ties to the late 1800s and we know brain-training is essential to overwrite old, limiting beliefs and replace them with new, empowering beliefs to propel you towards your goal. So, I repeat – willpower will not work. Brain-training will. That’s the simple truth.  I have an entire page on my website dedicated to science titled “Let’s talk about science, baby!” Check it out if you’re interested in further reading.

The other way I’m different or unique, I’m told, is that developing connection with a client is something that just comes naturally to me. My goal is your goal. My drive is to impart to you the necessary tools for you to know all you desire for yourself and to have a simple science-based action plan of attainable steps to get you there.

Let’s do this!

Lynne Brochu

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