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You asked for more! WPT to SW pivot!


I launched Step Within October 1st, 2020 after closing Within Physical Therapy in June, 2020. I’m still hearing from WPT clients who don’t know WPT closed or why or when, and didn’t know if I moved away or what. Aw man, this just breaks my heart.

I did the best I could with the tools I had available to me to reach you all, and if you were in my shoes at the time of closing WPT I believe you’d all see that. I had next to no time to make the decision to pivot, and I announced closing, contacted my entire current caseload (you should have received a text message and/or email from us), put additional resources on the WPT website, cleared out the 1200 sq foot clinic space, updated WPT’s social media, and immediately started further training and taking the steps necessary for my pivot to Step Within. And all that was done within 10 days. 10 days. It was a wee bit of a whirlwind.

I am sincerely sorry to those of you didn’t see the WPT FB video I posted about closing. Last I knew it was at about 2000 views. I am sincerely sorry to those of who felt left in the dark as to what was going on. I cannot and will not speak to the entirety of the situation as I don’t believe in thwarting away energy on negativity and gossip, but please understand although the decision was difficult, it was the right and quite honestly, the only, decision for me.  The pandemic, how far the worlds are apart between mainstream + alternative, and many regulatory this+thats just brewed in a firey tornado until eventually I realized my options are either trying to navigate a never-ending volanco spewing countless firenados that are way beyond me, or to pivot and hold on to what is dear to me while choosing to no longer make fruitless attempts at watering down the volcano erupting firenados.

So, while some of you may have felt I left you behind, you were actually the grandest part of the list of things I kept dear to me. Along with the intuitive + energetic work I loved the most. And the science. And the entire time I was closing WPT and preparing my pivot to Step Within, you, my clients, were entirely on my mind… every step of the way. Even though you might not know that, I hope you can feel the truth and sincerity of that statement.

I am forever indebted to my clients for making WPT such a wild success, and for showing me the next chapter in my journey of life book. The things that worked well at WPT, I kept, and the things that were issues, I’ve now severed ties with. Thank you again to those who were involved in the garage sales to clear out WPT and make way for my home office. And thank you to those who participated in Step Within’s launch contest. These were just a couple small things that were incredibly dear to my heart because they were a way, although small, I could give back to you, my clients…

What I did at WPT and what I do now at Step Within are incredibly similar. Allow me to show you how…

Lynne Brochu

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