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Examples of Recent Sessions

Clients are sometimes interested in energetic healing using techniques such as “listening” and tuning to their dura (fight/ flight, survival system) and viscera (organ system) to find the root cause and aid symptoms. 

Rather watch videos that cover this topic? Click + watch below! The first video is a short version, and the second video goes into a wee bit more detail. Or, scroll down to keep reading!

A recent client was interested in doing exactly this to address left shoulder and lower back pain. This client was also having anxiety + difficulty sleeping.  We did “listening” in a variety of positions energetically to find the root and explore it thoroughly.  I also gave ideas for brain-training to maintain the positive effects of our session. 

To be clear, there was no hands-on treatment as I’m not a physio anymore.  This was all over zoom through an intuitive + energetic session.  But, I definitely do not need to be in the same room and getting the information through touch.  Brain-training does not need to be tied to just physical movement to be effective.  Brain-training can actually be tied to any and all of those 7 categories of wellness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, professional, and financial).

Another client had a list of about 15 to 20 wellness goals across those 7 categories (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, professional, financial) and from there, as always, we identified her target goal.  The target goal is the one goal that when achieved brings alignment to the majority of the rest of the list which is so awesome and super-efficient.  So this was a coaching session and this client’s target was to really get to know herself + accept herself for who she is instead of berating herself for not being more outgoing or this or that.  It is so interesting that after just phase 1, just the first session, a few things were already slotting in to place for her, and some of her other goals were already aligning just by putting focus on that target goal. This is exactly what tends to happen…

Another coaching client wanted to focus on optimizing physical health as this client was at battle with headaches, fatigue, brain fog, digestion issues, vertigo/ light-headedness and ankle pain. As you can imagine, this led to feeling down + depressed because of being so physically limited on a regular basis.  This client tracked those physical issues on a calendar and had a goal to move from daily issues with these symptoms to no more than once per month.  This client’s goal was achieved and not only are her symptoms infrequent, when they do occur, the tools of the coaching program bring her fast recovery.  This client is now incredibly active and her mood, personality, and persona is as incredibly transformed as her physical transformation.

I’ve worked with several entrepreneurs who desired to have their business expand or take off in some way, whether online or with actual storefront and whether with products or services, or both.  I do not feel that I am a business coach in that I’m not an expert on marketing or social media or online optimization.  There’s many out there who say they’re experts in this field and yet few actually are, and I’m not one who’s going to pretend that is my specialty because its not.  But, for me it’s more about where the entrepreneurs’ personal wellness and energetic patterns might need some assistance and how that directly relates to their business.  It’s also about tapping in to what intuitive skills they have and harnessing that for their wellness and their business.  Intuition helps you stay on track, avoid those who maybe say they’re experts but they’re not, and navigating who is best to bring in to support you so you can focus on your zone of genius.  What’s going on with us personally is reflected back to us through whatever’s going on in our target goal whether that be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, professional, or in relationships so I look at things from that perspective and not that I must be an expert in each of those 7 areas because I’m definitely not.

I see myself as housing a lot of knowledge around dura, viscera, body alignment + body systems with my background in holistic physio, and I see myself as knowing things intuitively and knowing how to utilize energetic healing to help navigate people towards their target goal. Again, I’m not an expert in each of those 7 areas, nor do I need to be – it’s about using intuition, energetic healing, and brain-training, with science, to propel you to your goal.  Sure sometimes maybe a financial planner or business coach or some other expert in those 7 wellness areas (nutrition coach, psychologist, personal trainer etc) might be needed to assist, but to me it’s about finding the right pathway and then if needed, bringing in that right outside help at the right time and partnering that with your intuition when you’re energetically cleared and ready for it.  Timing is a big thing. If an energetic pattern hasn’t been addressed, an expert might not be that helpful.

And, sometimes a financial goal (or diet, exercise, mood etc goal) is met just with energetic healing, intuitive messages, perspective, brain-training and this coaching program, and not through a financial planner (or nutrition coach, psychologist, personal trainer etc) too.  It just depends on the client and what exactly they need.

Back to entrepreneurs, some have had goals of getting programs going, bringing in new clients, expanding their services, landing brand partnerships etc and these things have happened with the coaching program.  I find things tend to fall into place when you’re on that right track.  It’s about first finding and then staying on that right track, and avoiding the detours as much as possible.  I believe that takes intuition + energetic healing + science-based coaching techniques such as brain-training, visualization, using your senses, hynolinguisitics, and motivational interviewing.

Another client’s target goal had to do with having a more positive upbeat mental outlook and again, her overall list had about 15 other goals.  In a follow-up some months later, all of those goals, that entire list, had been achieved except for one, and so we honed in on that left-over goal.  The new target goal, or that left-over goal, had to do with finances.  While income hadn’t changed and wasn’t affected with covid, there was a noticing of a pattern where no money was saved.  This client desired to address the energetic blocks linking to money and living paycheck to paycheck.

Sometimes people are just interested in a “read” in an intuitive + energetic healing session, and that’s 100% okay.  You don’t necessarily need a specific goal as we can see what comes through in any of those 7 areas of wellness. 

Other recent goals of clients:

  • address left shoulder pain and restriction in range of movement
  • have a calmer, more joyful mindset
  • guidance with scheduling and how to juggle home, work, life
  • looking for more of a connection to inner knowing, spirit self, soul self
  • guidance with intuitive eating + exercise
  • feeling disconnected from self, wanting to connect again and get off anti-depressants
  • feeling like a “sponge” taking on others’ energy whether its pain or negative energy, and desiring strategies to protect myself as an empath, and lastly
  • addressing really acute + personal stressors – whether that involve relationships, family, the ending of a career…  Just really big life stressors or life-changes. I feel these are times when we really need to cling to our knowing + our intuition to help us navigate through. I love to offer guidance as to how to do that, especially in such high peak times of our lives.

Here’s more recent goals of clients that we addressed together in recent sessions, just now organized by each of those 7 wellness categories:


  • left shoulder pain
  • low back pain
  • headaches, brain fog, vertigo
  • digestion upset
  • ankle pain
  • loss of shoulder ROM
  • intuitive eating + exercise


  • anxiety
  • difficulty sleeping – feeling slow mentally, just not “on”
  • achieve a positive mental outlook
  • get off antidepressants


  • feeling down, depressed
  • feeling anxious and in flight/ flight, survival
  • unable to calm down to properly rest or sleep
  • feeling like I’m not enough or not worthy/ deserving of what I’m striving for as a wellness goal
  • self-acceptance, self esteem, self confidence
  • needing to find more joy
  • emotions around a career ending


  • get to know myself
  • accept myself
  • know my purpose
  • couple my purpose with my work as entrepreneur


  • separation, divorce
  • how to foster more connection to a loved one
  • work relationships
  • relationship to self, and others (covering topics such as boundaries, toxics, people-pleasing, saying “no” etc)


  • navigate toxic work environment
  • have my business expand or take of whether with products or services, and whether online or storefront
  • what path to take as entrepreneur
  • getting new clients
  • land brand partnerships
  • how to schedule and juggle business, home, life


  • why am I living paycheck to paycheck when my finances haven’t changed due to covid
  • as an entrepreneur, I want to bring in X amount per year

There you have it! I hope these examples have provided more clarity on what I do and what I offer as an intuitive + energetic healer and wellness coach through Step Within. I’d love to help you find the wellness you’re searching for – through intuition, energy, and science.

Thanks for reading.

Lynne Brochu

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