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How I can Help You Transform

Do you feel like you’re busy surviving day-to-day to the point life is starved of joy and purpose? Get stuck being the listener or the fixer or the empath to the point everyone’s venting completely drains you of your energy? Put other people’s needs ahead of your own? Wish for more energy and vitality? How about time and space to do what you’re truly passionate about?  Feel stuck and stressed out, either in life in general or in a particular problem?  Feel there must be more to life than the monotony of the never-ending “to do” list?  Battle with feeling anxious, down, or utterly exhausted?  Struggle with physical symptoms? How about getting enough restful and adequate sleep? Crave more alone-time or nature-time?  Love to self-spoil (nothing wrong with that!) but perhaps need to improve upon true self-care? Work hard to look put together, but under the surface you’re flailing and feel a bit lost?  Desire to have the tools to make long-lasting change? to step into your limitless potential? to live a life of freedom of purpose? of abundance and prosperity? Do you seek more of out life?

And if you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you’re probably wondering how do we go from the here + now to where you want to be? Allow me to walk you through it.

Step 1 / phase 1 is called Let’s Get Into it!, and in this phase we clearly identify what is not working for you and what your goals, desires, and wishes are. It’s important to really nail down why you want to change, why you’re not satisfied with continuing as-is, and why you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone and embrace change. Once that’s established, we use simple tools + strategy to allow your inner instinct or gut feeling or inner knowing to guide how the process needs to go for you.

Step 2/ phase 2 is where I use all the information from phase 1, and I make a brain-training script for you. I call this “mining the diamonds” from phase 1 because it’s using your inner instincts in such a way that you’re propelled and motivated towards your goal. The brain-training script is the most powerful piece of what we do because it allows you to replace old + limiting beliefs with new + empowering ones. This brain-training is essentially the footing you need to drive change and to succeed. Otherwise we’re endlessly trapped in old unhealthy energetic patterns, feeling stuck and stagnant.

Step 3/ phase 3 is where I deliver the script to you along with all the necessary ‘how to’ information to really make the script work for you fully. Remember without the brain-training you are at an absolute battle with old, limiting beliefs + patterns that run your world, day in and day out. This’d be the self-sabotage, automatic negative thoughts, and everything we’re frustrated with and tired of. Willpower just cannot win the battle against these old ingrained energetic patterns, but brain-training and energetic healing sure can!

Step 4/ phase 4 is called Let’s Go!, and this step gives you actual attainable action steps to do amidst working your brain-training so that you stay on target to achieve your goal. This phase is about bite-sized goals towards attaining the grand goal.

Usually 4 sessions are needed to propel you towards your goal, and 1 of those sessions is often reserved as a solely intuitive/ energetic session to address whatever is holding you back energetically so that your coaching program gets you directly to your goal as efficiently + effectively as possible!

From there, you can re-work the process on your own, if you like, or you can reach out for assistance at any point for additional energetic/ intuitive healing or coaching sessions as you desire.  And, that’s it! A simple structured plan based in science that allows you to achieve whatever goal or desire you have. It’s evidence-based. It works.

What dream do you want to make into reality?

Lynne Brochu

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