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Thank you for being here.  I’m Lynne Brochu – personal wellness coach, intuitive & energy healer called to help people get free of the unhealthy energetic survival patterns that keep us feeling stuck & stagnant.  Why?  Because on the other side of these obstacles & blocks running our show, is purpose, joy, serenity, freedom & well, unbridled wellness.  This ties to my IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT, so if that’s why you’re here, please keep reading!

Some of you know me through the 20+ years I devoted to holistic physical therapy & driving change in that whole field.  Driving change, health care anything & everything, training into the most innovative physio treatment techniques on the planet, and really empathically caring for people, led me to a complex physiological crossroads we generically label as “burnout”.  And I didn’t even realize it until the pandemic hit.  I’m rather skilled at just plowing ahead and the go-go-go many of you are also quite adept at.  It wasn’t until the pandemic hit the pause (& eventually the stop) button, that I realized this go-go-go is my fight/ flight pattern. 

Ironic, isn’t it?  I educated all of my clients day in and day out about our fight/ flight system, also known as our craniosacral system or dural system, and how that has dire effects on our alignment & overall wellness.  Yet I failed to see I primarily operated in this way.  Go, go, go.  Do, do, do.  Push.  Don’t stop.  Never slow down or stop to celebrate or even reflect on all you’ve accomplished.  Just tick that one off the To Do list and keep going.  On to the next challenge, rung on the ladder, certification, or whatever really damn hard thing is now the new focus.  And it served me well, for a long time.  Until it didn’t.  While I loved engaging & being of service to many clients, that complex physiological crossroads I found myself at, told me I needed to make a pivot.  And find a way to be of even more effective service, without burning myself out.

If you think burnout only happens to other people, I’d highly encourage you to revisit that.  I’d venture to estimate that most of us are living it now.  Most of us are living in fight/flight as our “normal”.  Pushing ourselves to an unhealthy degree some way, some how, not seeing the inevitable that’s right in front of us.  Our craniosacral systems (or dura) demands self-care, yet for many of us, our intellect overrides the innate knowing that lies within these systems.  Much to the detriment of our stress level, dura & wellness.

Closing Within Physical Therapy takes me back to a heart-wrenching time in my life, and yet I knew with every fiber of my being, it is exactly what I needed to do.  Despite all the negativity & judgement & blame that always accompanies change, and despite all the numerous factors that aligned at the exact moment the pandemic led to global shutdown, I stayed true to myself & followed my heart.  No regrets.  That’s almost 3 years ago now.  Hard to believe.  Thank you again to everyone who played a role, big or small, in helping me empty that 1200 square foot clinic, and get everything sold & gone within a few days.  Thank you especially to those who, spoken or unsaid, felt for me during this time.  Thank you to the few of you who felt compelled to ask the hard question “Why?” instead of participating in the easier route of gossip, speculation, anger etc. For the past 3 years I’ve devoted myself to the most innovative energetic treatment techniques that exist, & I’ve focused energetic healing to… myself.  Burnout is not an easy thing to recover from.  And I’m now at a healthy place to… drum roll please…

… resume in-person treatment again!  Potentially.

I say potentially because I realize the last time I did any in-person treatment was almost 3 years ago now, so I’m not sure if there’s interest to resume working with me in this way.  But if there is, I’m now in a place that I’m excited & happy to offer it.  I’ve done hours of daily energetic healing in the past few years, with much focus to the same systems I’d be treating in-person, so I’m prepared & capable, if that’s the path that lays itself out for me.  I still house all that prior knowledge, plus so much more now.  I’ve had countless requests to re-open my physio clinic, but this is not that.  At all.

So how does this in-person treatment look?  Well, I’d be offering energetic treatment with a primary focus on the dura (craniosacral system) and organ systems.  I’ve always most loved the energetic technique called “listening” so this along with energetic healing to these areas (and wherever needs it) would be my focus.  It would not include physiotherapy. It would be a route for those of you who feel you need in-person treatment to receive just that.  For anyone not clear on what energetic healing is, if you saw me in my past life as a physio, you’ve had energy healing.  Craniosacral treatment, visceral release, listening, and many aspects of the holistic physio model I used were primarily energetic.  I’d suspect what I’d be offering now would look & feel much the same to you because there was & is a ton of overlap between the holistic physio I did and the energetic healing (& coaching) I do now. There’s many techniques, including energetic healing, that can assist our craniosacral & visceral systems, overall alignment, and wellness besides physical therapy, so to be clear, none of the techniques I’ll be using involve physio. At all.

Quick facts:

  • In-person treatments (if it’s a go) would start in early 2023
  • Coverage will not likely be as prominent as it was for physio, but I am a Certified Life Coach & Energy Healer, so please do inquire with your personal insurance plans re: coverage.  Some plans actually do cover life-coaching / energy healing (or meditation classes which I also teach) under “lifestyle”or “health & wellness” or “a healthcare spending account”-type heading
  • I will be offering very limited appointment slots for these in-person sessions & if there’s interest, I will be accepting a limited number of clients overall
  • I imagine sessions will be approximately 60(ish) minutes (read as 60-75 minutes)
  • You will be welcomed as a guest into my home for these sessions
  • Cost would be the same as what I currently charge for an hour of online energetic healing or coaching, which is $158 + gst
  • Each session would include a brief chat as to what your concerns are, the hands-on energy healing, and a written summary of the session (that you can refer to at any time by simply clicking a button through your email); booking & intake forms would be done online prior to the session
  • You will have your own online personal “portal” that stores your session summaries, forms, invoices, emails etc;  You can refer to it as little or as often as you wish
  • Each session will include energetic +/or coaching support that is currently offered to online clients meaning I’m always a text, email, or zoom link away for brief “check ins” as needed in between sessions
  • In-person energy healing focused to the craniosacral/ organ systems, is a gateway to reducing stress & promoting wellness for you physically, but also mentally, emotionally, spiritually, professionally, financially, and in relationships;  Another way to say that is, energy healing never was (& still isn’t) limited to just our physical bodies – It ripples out to wherever we need it (and dare I say, because we all live in survival or fight/ flight, we all need this!)
  • These sessions will be separate of the online coaching program I offer, but would dovetail with the online program beautifully if you so chose to do both.  The in-person sessions would still have elements of intuitive messages, brain training, and coaching but to a lesser degree than the online coaching program
  • For those interested, card reading can be an addition to the sessions
  • I’ll be using the techniques that I most love & have found, over the many years, to be the most effective in healing & driving sustained change

I’m excited at the possibility of doing in-person treatments again.  If you are too, please simply get on the waitlist by either emailing me at or filling in the contact form – button below.  Depending on the amount of interest, I’ll consider offering a sale that’s tailored so the BEST sale goes to those who get on the list first.

And if there’s not interest, c’est la vie.  I’ll happily continue my journey either way, but I do look forward to reconnecting with some of you soon.  Thank you for reading this long one & for being here.

Oh, and if you have concerns about accessibility, know I’m in a raised bungalow & all will be on the main floor. There’s a small flight of stairs to get into my home. And I have a small chihuahua-pug, Lulu, who is absolutely harmless, will most likely lick you, then sleep because she’s 15 & she sleeps during all my energy sessions! If you don’t like dogs, I can somewhat accommodate.

Love & Light,

Lynne Brochu

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