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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

For any new readers, I’m Lynne Brochu – the gal behind Step Within: Intuitive Energetic Coaching and the Founder of The Lit Garden: Virtual Wellness Shop. For me, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  I love the warm fall temperatures combined with the crunchy leaves & the array of colors out there. 

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you all & thank you for being here.  I missed celebrating Step Within’s second birthday, so I felt called to slow down & connect with you all again through writing this Thanksgiving gratitude post. Because boy, am I grateful.

Step Within turned 2 on October 1st!  Woot woot! 

I’m full of gratitude for all of you who’ve supported me, big or small, as I reinvent myself.  I’ve definitely not made the popular choice, but I’ve listened to my heart & soul and, for that, I’m proud of myself.  It takes a lot of Courage to change your life trajectory.

In many ways if feels like I’m back in the high school through University years working towards the big life goal of achieving the career.  Except that I’ve had the career & really couldn’t have progressed any further than what I’d already accomplished.  When conventional physio wasn’t a fit for me, I embarked on the arduous journey of becoming 1 of 9 ISM Certified Physical Therapists in the entire world.  And I put that model to full use by working for myself & running a successful holistic physio clinic. And the physio career worked for me for about 20 years.

My closest family members don’t really understand my need, desire, yearning & reasoning to close that chapter and pivot to these new ventures, so I don’t expect you to understand all of it either.  The best thing I can say is that the pandemic illuminated for me where I was restless & yearning for more, more & more.  So here I am, back on the arduous journey of working to really land this next chapter of my life.  It’s been hard.  Way harder than I ever expected.  And humbling.  And there’s been plenty of days where I was ready to walk away with seemingly no way to bring my vision forward to life.  There’s been moments where I’ve felt so broken & beaten down with no fight left in me, & where the negative thoughts were winning the battle of wanting me to think that all these obstacles after obstacles must mean this isn’t the path for me, like nothing should be this hard.  But, on the flip side, I’ve really learned that it’s about surrendering & trusting the process.  And embracing that anything easy probably isn’t really worth it.  And really, what’s two years of building when I have a lifetime ahead of me to see where it goes & what adventure presents from sticking to it?

Looking back since March, 2020, I’ve accomplished a lot & it’s all ironically, thanks to the pandemic.  I’ve been able to attend daily, weekly & monthly energy healings & meetings.  I’ve been fortunate to focus on completing the Teacher Training process to become a Training in Power Teacher of meditation & energetic healing courses.  And to become a Certified Coach Practitioner (Life Coach) through CCF.  I’ve been able to partake in approximately 25 workshops, conferences & intensive courses that as a low estimate, totals about 500 hours.  And that’s just in-class time.  Double or triple that if you include the reports & homework & self work that goes into these trainings.  All while running our Moose Jaw Community Healing Group, teaching Training in Power courses, seeing clients & working to land The Lit Garden here.   

So, to all of you who read these posts, drop a heart or thumbs up or follow on social media, check out my You Tube videos, browse my site, subscribe to my newsletter, attend Meet & Greets or group online sessions, book with me, or even just engage with me when I’m out & about in the public, you truly mean the world to me. 

To those of you who’ve taken the time & given me the chance to see that what I now do is levelled up from what I used to do in so many ways, to those of you who entertained the idea that energetic healing & brain training doesn’t need to happen in person to be incredibly effective, to those of you who’ve taken meditation & energetic healing courses from me & seen how meditation & self-work brings far more accelerated healing than any practitioner you could pay to see, to those of you value the expertise & passion I have for wellness, to those of you who understand my happiness & self growth & yearning meant I needed to pivot away from physical therapy to my true destiny with Step Within & The Lit Garden, and to those of you who extend positivity instead of the easy route of gossip & negativity that comes with building a new life, thank you.  Every action, big or small, from liking a post to being a Training in Power student or booking the Core 4 package, is noticed & appreciated. 

It’s never easy to land new, cutting edge & innovative concepts here.  But, that’s my jam I guess.  I simply cannot un-know or un-learn what I now know.  I won’t.  I’m the type to keep levelling up & chase the stars because it’s my heart & soul’s journey to change the world.  Change thy self, change the world.

Grateful for you.  Thanks for being here.

Click the above to learn more about me & your wellness options with me by checking out my About Page! And pssst, the video with the sky background is my fave!

Lynne Brochu

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