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Meditation Workshops & Courses

Training in power

The power of Meditation & Energy Healing combined

I am a Teacher for the Training in Power Academy!  You can read my teacher’s bio here

There’s a variety of courses based in Energy Healing & Meditation offered by Training in Power (TIP) either online or in-person depending on your area. 

TIP is all about Energetic Healing & the power of Meditation.  Throughout every TIP course, the Teacher is wielding energy on your behalf & all TIP courses raise your vibration!

Below is info on courses that I am Certified to teach in-person in small groups in Moose Jaw, Sk and area.

Level 1 Course

Level 1 is the main Introductory course offered by TIP.  Level 1 is all about learning how to manifest, read people & situations by reading energy, protect yourself from taking on others’ energy, and live a life of wellness & passion.  If you’d love to learn how to protect yourself, attract healthy relationships, read & wield energy, raise your vibration, manifest & deeply efficiently rest this course may be for you!

What you learn:

  • how to connect to power & work with energy
  • active meditation & deep relaxation techniques
  • shielding techniques so you are not drained by others nor taking on others’ energy
  • know if someone is telling you the truth
  • dream interpretation
  • manifest what you want in your life
  • regain wellness in your life
  • safely develop your natural intuitive abilities
  • meet your Spirit Guides


  • 1 class per week for 4 weeks
  • each class lasts about 4 hours
  • small group setting
  • in-person
  • in Moose Jaw & area
  • support available throughout & after the course
  • regular rate is $555 but early-bird rate is $495 (+gst)
  • course includes approximately 20 hours of lecture, meditation & energetics

Curious to learn more?

Want in on a free small group intro session?  Or prefer a free 1:1 reading & chat about Level 1?

In the intro session, we discuss energetic facts & realities, course content & layout, and I share some of my experiences. 

The 1:1 reading & chat is a less formal, free flowing conversation about Level 1.

Either is a chance to learn if Level 1 is for you! Contact me! 

Rather self explore?

For more information, check out the below links! 

Training in Power website
Training in Power E Book
Training In Power Levels 1 to 3 Flyer
About Level 1 Training In Power Flyer

If you’re ready to register, contact me! I build my classes to suit you as best I can!

Anxiety/ Depression Workshop

Anxiety and depression.  If you have one, you have the other.  Come learn this energetic reality & how to get free of it!

This workshop will provide you answers & a perspective you have never considered.  Learn why and how depression & anxiety are linked, what you’ve been chasing inside of you for so long, and why you can’t seem to jump off the hamster wheel of it’s recurring & debilitating effects.

In science everything is frequency & a trajectory, including depression & anxiety. This means you have the ability to tune to & transform that negative frequency from something that is controlling you into something you can use to bring yourself back into balance.

You need only Knowledge and Truth to set you free.  As someone who has oodles of personal experience with both depression & anxiety, I’d love the opportunity to teach you how to break free.


  • 1-day Workshop
  • lasts about 3 hours
  • small group setting
  • in-person
  • in Moose Jaw & area
  • support available throughout & after the workshop
  • rate is $169 (+gst)
  • workshop includes lecture, meditation & energetics

Curious ? Interested ?

Other Courses & Workshops

Stay tuned for more courses & workshops I’m Certified to Teach in the future!

Parents, Maggie Brochu is Certified to teach The Children’s Course for ages approx 8-12 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan & area.  Topics include learning to safely wield energy to build confidence, empower oneself, address bullying, honor & manage emotions, and to shield & protect oneself from negative energy or from taking on others’ energy.  For more info contact Maggie here!

There’s other courses, workshops & opportunities you can learn about through Training in Power.  🙂 

There is a way to freedom from what has been imposed on this world. We each have the tools within us for connecting and awakening to our own destiny and divine power.

Faye Fitzgerald, Founder of TIP