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Recommended Books:

Check out these great reads!

Shahida Arabi

I stumbled upon this book at a pivotal time in my life.  It was literally revolutionary & life-changing for me.  It gave me the information I needed to embrace what my intuition was telling me instead of telling myself I was over-reacting, making things up, off my rocker, being too sensitive, or simply misreading situations.  I learned about how the mind of a toxic works and I learned their manipulative (& draining!) strategies of mind games, covert vs overt put downs, triangulation, gaslighting, stonewalling, projection, love-bombing, devaluation & how they work to keep us trapped in a repetitive cycle.  Most importantly, this book validated for me that the “tells” my intuition was giving me all along, were bang-on.  Armed with the validation, along with energy work & brain-training, I was able to move out of the survival dynamic & repetitious cycles, find correct detachment, grow, heal & and find the agency to rebuild my life.  To move from powerlessness to Power.  I hope for the same for you.   

Toxic People
Shahida Arabi

After the profound experience I had with Shahida’s POWER book above, it was a no-brainer that I’d fully immerse myself into this book as well.  And it certainly did not disappoint.  This book helped me to understand what a “highly sensitive person” even is & that I am indeed one.  And why HSPs are prime targets of toxics & narcissists.  This book also offers practical skills & exercises to help you identify (or validate things you already knew) & navigate toxics around you.  Strategies for shutting down or side-stepping their manipulative tactics, establishing healthy boundaries, and how to become unshakeable are all covered in this book.  I’m such a raving fan of Shahida’s work that there’s a section below with more of her resources!  Ultimately Shahida’s work has helped me to understand who I am & why, and to embrace that highly sensitive, intuitive, 96% introverted, INFJ & empath that is me.  

The Body Keeps the Score
Bessel van der Kolk

Trauma is a fact of life.  We’ve all been hurt in some way. Over the years with energy work, I’ve learned our bodies do, in fact, keep the score and it’s our journey as adults to unwind old hurts in order to be fully free in our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, professional & financial lives.  Our body is giving us messages constantly & if we slow down to learn what those messages are saying, true healing naturally follows.  Our body has innate wisdom that is far superior to what our intellect could ever offer, but true healing requires us listening to that wisdom.  I love how thoroughly & scientifically the brain is explained as far as how trauma literally rewires the brain.  There’s much to be said for clearing old, unhealthy energetic patterns & brain-training as THE way to actually achieve unbridled wellness.  Many proven innovative treatments are discussed as alternatives to drugs & talk therapy.  All ways to reclaim our true authentic selves, know the difference between what’s us and what’s pathology & to become whole again.  It takes energy to move energy so nothing changes until the energy changes.

Understanding the Messages of Your Body
Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O.

This book became a love of mine when I was undergoing dural (nerve tissue, survival system, fight/ flight system) & visceral (organ) release training.  This book discusses how our body & viscera (organs) respond to stress & trauma, and explains how our organs house emotions. It is a wonderful read that beautifully demonstrates how everything in our body is connected.  Many themes are overlapping to THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE above, however, this read is much more straight-forward.  It helps readers understand that a seemingly physical symptom is not likely to be just that.  There’s likely an emotional piece to that symptom, a mental piece & spiritual piece etc.  The body is complicated & although various models try to simplify it by isolating & compartmentalizing to focus just on the symptom area, that’s not likely to be effective beyond at best short-term relief.  If you ever wondered why symptoms come back or adapt/ evolve into new & other symptoms, this is why.

Glennon Doyle

Why this book made my top 5 favorite list is quite simply because it’s a refreshingly good read, but more-so because of a passage out of “Be Still and Know” in part 2 that beautifully sums up what I endeavor to do with my clients.  Edited for length, it goes a little something like this:  Just.  Stop.  If you just stop doing, you’ll start knowing.  At first, I checked my phone every few moments, planned my grocery lists & mentally redecorated my living room.  I was tempted to quit every second, but I was stern with  myself: Ten minutes a day is not too long to spend finding yourself, Glennon.  For God’s Sake, you spend eighty minutes a day finding your keys.  Eventually I sank deep enough  & found where the chaos stills in the deep.  The Knowing feels like warm liquid gold filling my veins & solidifying just enough to make me feel steady, certain.  So I practiced sinking.  That was how I began to know what to do next.  I now take orders only from my own Knowing.  How to Know:  Breathe, turn inward, sink.  Find your Knowing.  Do the next thing it nudges you toward.  Let it stand.  Repeat forever.    

The Lit Garden:

Virtual Wellness Shop

The Lit Garden: Virtual Wellness Shop

I am also the Founder of The Lit Garden: Virtual Wellness Shop! I’m very much an entrepreneur at heart. It all started when I operated that snack stand, I swear!  

The Lit Garden is a directory of wellness businesses all across Saskatchewan! Think of us as an online 24/7 wellness tradeshow!  Only you can browse all the booths online! 

We are creating a “LIT” Saskatchewan – a community of well people. 

We support those of you seeking wellness to know your options in an easy-peasy, quick & simple way.  Our driven & passionate business partners help you all eat well, feel well, sleep well, and be well in every facet of your life.

We also support our business partners in finding absolute fulfillment & passion in business while working smarter not harder.  We are all about community over competition, support, growth, and genuineness! Learn more about us founders, our community, and our entire vision here at The Lit Garden website! 

Join our community! There’s no place like the garden…

The Power of Meditation:

Training in Power Academy

I am a Teacher for the Training in Power Academy!  You can read my teacher’s bio here!

Training in Power (TIP) Level 1 is all about learning how to manifest, read people & situations by reading energy, protecting yourself from taking on others’ energy, learning how to live a life of wellness & passion, and connecting with your destiny & purpose.  TIP is all about energetic healing and the power of meditation.

If you’re interested, but want to know more about what Level 1 entails before registering, I do offer FREE introductory sessions about Level 1!  Come learn what Level 1 is all about with no pressure nor obligation – just a sharing of knowledge.  We discuss what Training in Power means, energetic facts & realities, course content & layout, where Training in Power originated from, and I share some of my experiences with training in this system.  It’s a chance to learn if Level 1 is for you!  

If you’re interested, please contact me! 

For a variety of other course offerings and/or for more detailed information on Training in Power, see below!

The following is an outline of what you learn in Level 1:
  • to connect to the Universal Love and Power that is your divine birthright
  • to learn to identify and work with energetics
  • meditation and relaxation techniques
  • how to know if someone is telling you the truth
  • dream work and interpretation
  • how to manifest what you want in your life
  • how to regain and maintain wellness in each area of your life
  • how to safely develop your natural intuitive abilities
  • techniques that keep you from feeling tired and drained with other people
  • meet your Spirit Guides

In the TIP program, you will experience an energetic system called Power Transference. It will raise your vibration and it is 100% successful if you finish all four classes!

There is a way to freedom from what has been imposed on this world. We each have the tools within us for connecting and awakening to our own destiny and divine power.”
– Faye Fitzgerald, Founder of TIP

Shahida Arabi Resources:

Shahida Arabi – Expert on toxics

Shahida Arabi is a summa cum laude graduate of Columbia University graduate school and a four-time bestselling author. Her bestselling books include 1) The Smart Girl’s Guide to Self-Care, 2) Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare: How to Devalue and Discard the Narcissist While Supplying Yourself and 3) POWER: Surviving and Thriving. Shahida is a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Applied Psychology. Shahida writes about the negative impact malignant narcissists have on their family members, partners, and children and strategies to arm and protect yourself from their manipulative and draining ways.

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Check out her Believe website here: Believe with Maggie

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