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Science & Magic

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On Energy Patterns -

What is an energetic pattern?  Who has them, why are they there, when did they get in & where do they go when they’re cleared?  An energetic pattern is old programming that we can inherit from prior generations, or have imposed upon us in such a way that it molds & shapes our brain, and what we think, feel & do. Unfortunately most energetic patterns involve self-sabotage & various self-destruct settings that can include automatic negative thoughts (ANT’s), over-working, perfectionism, over-extending ourselves, and living for external validation or praise/ approval from others.  Energetic patterns harm our self worth, how we view ourselves & our relationship with ourselves.  Energetic patterns always throw us into survival or “fight/ flight” keeping us in an endless cycle that creates frustration, anger, passive-aggressiveness, hiding, avoiding, numbing, people-pleasing & appeasing, over-reactions and various other coping mechanisms that are often trauma responses. 

Who has them?  Everyone.  It’s a fact of life.  No one is spared.  Hard truth – we live in energetic patterns & survival the vast majority of the time, as in 95% of the time.  Why are they are?  From past harms, hurts, or traumas.  Energetic patterns aren’t there from positive experiences so while they at one time helped us cope & survive something, they do not have a positive impact on our daily lives now.  When do they get in or when do they start?  Often in our formative years in childhood.  Later life experiences often intertwine or connect back to childhood experiences in some way, but any interaction you view as harmful or negative can create or reinforce an energetic pattern.  Where do they go when they’re cleared?  If you’re into the science, you know that energy can never be created or destroyed, only transformed.  So upon releasing an energy pattern its not like it just vanishes – it transforms from energy that was holding you back into energy that propels you towards achieving your wellness goals, if you allow it.  We use it as brain-training fire power!  Or I like to think of it as transforming that which bound you into rocket fuel for your journey!  Out with the old & in with the new!  Read/ watch more below & through The Scoop on Energetic Patterns blog!

On "Reading" -

In my prior work as a holistic physical therapist, I learned there is always more to people than meets the eye.  I learned how to “read” clients, see what was locking the physical pain or dysfunction in, feel the emotions, hear the beliefs or barriers, and sense there was always much more going on than what was there at face-value.  There almost always was a stress piece in other wellness areas paired with unhealthy energetic pattern(s) that needed addressing in order for the client’s main concern to be helped.

Unraveling a symptom or concern reaches far beyond what we expect.  While I no longer practice physical therapy, I “read” a client and see, feel, hear, sense, know what is going on.  We then explore & identify the underlying root causes, the unhealthy patterns, and clear them with energy healing.  Besides my experience with holistic physical therapy, I’ve worked diligently for years in other energy fields (namely, Usui Reiki and a system called Training in Power). 

On Energy Healing -

Energy healing (hands-on or online) is a holistic approach used with the healing intention of addressing, aiding & clearing blocks and/or survival energy patterns that prevent unbridled wellness.  Energy healing is an effective stress-buster as it’s one of the strongest things to activate your parasympathetic system (or the brake to our flight/ flight survival system).  The benefits are numerous & includes allowing for rest, renewal, regeneration, cleansing, recovery, repair, and healing to the depth of our entirety, beyond muscle, fascia, and our superficial layers. 

On Brain-Training -

Once the energy patterns & blocks are released, the old strategy (or the habitual unhealthy pattern) needs to be replaced with an optimal one to drive sustained change.  Enter brain-training!  This is the time to lay down the new pathways that take you directly to your wellness goal(s).  You must lay down some new tracks if you want to avoid going to the old destination! 

On Magic

Worth repeating is the fact that until the underlying energetic pattern is identified, understood and released, there’s not a whole lot of room for change.  Hands-on or online energetic healing and/or coaching is a gateway to uncover & get free of those blocks.  If you’ve tried all the regular approaches but are still struggling with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, professional, or financial areas of wellness in your life, there’s likely an energetic pattern needing to be addressed.  I’d encourage you to go after your goals by trying a route that is most different from what you’d usually do… and giving it a fair fighting chance.

If you’re looking for change, it takes energy to move energy & you can’t get to a new destination by going the same old route you’ve always gone.  Old unhealthy energy patterns need to be addressed and cleared to allow for change that can take you to places beyond you could’ve ever imagined.  And maybe when energetic blocks are cleared, you make more profound & sustainable change when working with other professionals.  And on the other hand, maybe clearing the energetic blocks was all that was ever needed.

Simply being aware of energetic patterns can create profound change.  Taking it a step further & addressing those patterns, and then adding brain-training can & will lead to profound results that folks often say was like magic.  But, it’s not magic – it really only looks like magic when you don’t understand the science.  To me, physics & magic are one & the same.  One as real as the other.  On the other side of the unhealthy obstacles & blocks running our life’s show, is purpose, joy, serenity, freedom & well, unbridled wellness! 

Psst... we're all intuitive!

When you walk into a room & it feels off, when you think of a friend & she then calls you, when you get shivers down your spine or the goosies, or someone makes you feel anxious… these are all examples of intuition & you reading energy.  Your intuition is giving you valuable information constantly… you can “read” people & a room just as I can… for most of us, we just don’t know either how to pay attention to it or how to interpret it…

Truthfully, we’re all intuitive to various extents & I’ve just chosen to enthusiastically train into developing my innate abilities in this area.  

It ain't rocket science... it's brain training!

Did you know up to 95% (95%!) of all of our habits are driven by our unhealthy survival energetic patterns? 

Sad, but true.  We’re all fighting & butting up against our own unhealthy energetic patterns all the time!  We’re all living in self-sabotage, perfectionism, automatic negative thoughts (ANTs), workaholicism, craving external validation, numbing, people-pleasing, controlling tendencies, & various self-destruct settings.  No wonder we’re all so anxious, exhausted & stuck… Learn more about this in the video with the sky background on the About Page.

If we do not actively engage in energetic healing & brain-training, time & time again, we are swept back into the old, familiar, habitual, unhealthy energetic patterns.  This is where energetic healing paired with brain-training is a game-changer!

Get Ready to Live Your Dreams!

With brain-training (and removing unhealthy energetic patterns), we build a new path to the destination that is actually in line with our goal. 

That’s what offers the life of purpose, joy, serenity, and freedom….  Us working on us.  True wellness comes from within because no one can change our energy for us.  It truly takes us working on us, having our own epiphanies & self-discoveries.  No one can do the work for you – but a good coach can help guide you there.  🙂

Brain-training coupled with energetic work allows us to make a new path that gets us from A to B in the simplest & quickest manner possible.

Ready to start laying down your new path?

You are not responsible for the programming you got in childhood, but as an adult, you are 100% responsible for fixing it.

- Abe Brown, CCF

"If it doesn't come from within, it isn't sustainable."

- Abe Brown, CCF

History of brain-training

Brain-training or “neuroplasticity” appears to have originated in 1948 by a Polish scientist named Jerzy Konorski although there’s established ties to the field of psychology dating back to the late 1800’s, specifically through William James and his book “The Principles of Psychology” in 1890.

With my background in physical therapy, and in particular with the holistic model the Integrated Systems Model (or ISM – Diane Lee), the term “brain-training” (also known as connect+move training, neuroplasticity, or deep core training) has strong research evidence dating back to the 1970’s with an abundance of iron-clad evidence throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

Further yet, the term “neurolinguistic programming”, another form of brain-training, was developed in the 1970s by John Grinder and Richard Bandler (both have backgrounds in philosophy, psychology, and the field of self-help), although their work was largely based on the earlier work of Dr. Milton Erickson, a psychiatrist and psychologist.

I have no doubt you can read on google and Wikipedia just as easily as I can, but the message I’m hoping to convey is that neuroplasticity (brain-training) concepts have been around for centuries, with an abundance of research evidence across a variety of fields such as physical therapy, psychology, philosophy, science, self-help, and language studies.

Ready to step out of your comfort zone and Step Within to where all the magic happens?