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Raving fan: Marcie Allen

Core 4 & Energy Healing client

I am thrilled & incredulous on how much better my life & outlook on life has become since working with Lynne.  My experience was absolutely life changing!!!  Lynne is knowledgeable & she is the best at RESPECTFUL GENTLE NUDGING to make your journey as successful as it can be!  I decided to access Step Within because I was impressed with her knowledge, professionalism & passion.  I bumped into her in the mall & the rest is a glorious history!

I was impressed with how comfortable & easy Lynne made all of this, almost like chatting with a very smart best friend!  It was all very well explained & easy to navigate even for an old tech-impaired person like myself!  A couple times I went into a session not knowing what I needed or what to expect & Lynne always seemed to know where I needed to be!  Lynne was able to take all my wild ramblings of goals & struggles and wrap them up & present them to me concisely with a bow, which was so useful. I also appreciated that after every session she provided me with a summary that I could read back if I ever needed a little reinforcement.

Lynne herself is a gift, such a lovely gentle kind soul… and so knowledgeable and ready to explain things!  This was absolutely LIFECHANGING for me… the very best thing I have ever spent money on.  I decided I was worth the investment and the investment has paid off thousandfold!  DO IT!!!!

Raving fan: Mallory Klein

Core 4 & Energy Healing client

My experience was life changing. Booking is easy, paying is straight forward, and it’s all simple & user friendly. I like the client portal – I like being able to go back & see my past sessions.  Lynne was essentially life changing for me as a physio so I wanted to continue to work with her in whatever capacity that looked like. There’s so much to be said for the mind body connection. Once we got started, I saw the effects of energy work in my physical body, mentally & reflected all through my life, so I knew there was something there.

There are so many ways my life is different now.  I’m aware of thought patterns, triggers, physical things telling me something & my inner knowing. I’m learning to trust the inner voice that I’ve drowned out for so long & to live a freer, more joy-filled life. I used to think wellness meant food & movement and while that does have a place, it’s only a small sliver of what I think wellness is now.

Lynne’s flexibility & ability to support me when the time is right for me & the intuitive energetic sessions always steering me back on course are stand-outs to me.  Plus zooming is easy & effective! And I love how much explaining goes on in the sessions!  You weren’t meant to live a life bogged down by suitcases that you don’t need to carry anymore. Trust the process. Once you start to see glimpses of what light feels like, you will find out how to get through the hard moments. The other side is worth it. My goals went in a whole different direction then I thought, but that needed to happen & I couldn’t have gotten there on my own.

Raving fan: Lenora Morhart

Core 4 Coaching client

My experience was excellent!  Lynne is a very intuitive, warm, calming person & she’s so supportive letting you grow at your own pace. It has been easy to trust & feel comfortable with Lynne.  I was very hesitant about the investment but that is exactly what it is – an investment for your well being & it’s worth every dollar.

I am more aware of making time for little things like reading, creating, easy exercise & nature that nurture my being, without feeling I should be doing something more productive.  I am more focused & I find I am sleeping better.  I often struggle with following a plan but my persistence with the brain-training has actually created a flow for me.  I have more acceptance of myself &  trust in my higher power. I have learned to nurture myself.  My favorite stand-out is knowing that I’m enough & always have been!

Trust Lynne.  She lets you blossom at your own pace. The time she spends with you is so worth it.  She supports you between sessions with check ins and offers ongoing intuitive & energetic support that is so valuable.

Raving fan: Rhaea Stinn

Core 4 & Energy Healing client

Before working with Lynne, I was hesitant about doing energetic work online instead of in person.  I didn’t think it would feel that effective when not physically in the same room, but I was definitely wrong!

Lynne has really developed a way of connecting online that feels effective & personal.  There’s even a portal where you can review sessions after the fact.  Lynne’s coaching methods used a lot of questioning & imagery that helped guide us towards the best solutions for me.  We discussed potential barriers that could limit me from reaching my goals & we worked together to come up with a plan of action.  The brain-training script felt created just for me & it’s something I’ve continued to use almost daily. 

While everyone’s experience working with Lynne is going to be unique to their personal situation, I believe Lynne’s way of coaching can be adapted to anyone to help you achieve your goals!  If you’ve been considering working with Lynne, I’d say just go for it & give her a shot!

Rhaea Stinn is one badass woman!  Rhaea’s an entrepreneur with her Inner Strength Products & Registered Massage Therapist businesses.  Rhaea is a world-renowned powerlifter!  Check out her products here:

Raving fan: Rhonda Kwan

Core 4 Coaching client

Working with Lynne helped me to create the space I needed to take a breath & to take a moment to realize I am the only one standing in my own way of the life I want to lead. 

The power of the mind, faith, process, trust & energy to move mental mountains is phenomenal. Lynne helped me thru the insanity of Covid! The stress & anxiety of working in Healthcare during it all was mentally, emotionally & physically draining. 

Lynne gives you the tools to enable yourself to  work thru & around many life obstacles, setting you on a higher path if you trust, believe & work thru the processes.  Her unwavering empathy, support, energy & love elevate your mindset to know that there are limitless possibilities in your life if you shift your perspective. 

Thank you Lynne for guiding me thru – I’m so grateful to you.


Raving fan: Richelle Galay-Cartwright

Core 4 & Energy Healing client

I love working with Lynne!  She has an amazing way of putting things into a different perspective, reframing and drawing out. 

She creates a safe space to explore the areas that feel a little scary or stuck. 

Her organization makes the whole process, from start to finish, easy & manageable, while being highly effective. 

Her support is unwavering and she goes above & beyond to hold space for your process, whatever pace you are moving at. 

: )  

Richelle is a gifted entrepreneur who is all about empowering women with her extensive knowledge & background in naturopathic medicine & beyond.  She’s got skills in all sorts of fields offered at Vibrant Naturopathic Clinic!  

Raving fan: Maggie Brochu

Core 4 & Energy Healing client

I feel that Step Within has given me the thrust or momentum to get off the plateau where I’ve been stagnant. Step Within gave me a sense of empowerment that I didn’t know I had. I very much appreciated the compassion shown, the upbeat attitude, and the wealth of ideas to propel me forward. What I found most effective was that Lynne was with me every step of the way, acknowledging my success & guiding throughout.

Lynne was able to answer my questions without judgement. The brain-training script has been super helpful in that when life appears tough, I will listen to it & get back on track. It’s been kinda miraculous! I feel quite different in that I am more in control of myself, happier, at peace & have a better outlook.

My absolute favorite piece is Lynne & Step Within giving me my hope back. I am deeply indebted to Step Within for a life-changing process!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Maggie offers powerful, remarkable, and one-of-a-kind Usui Reiki through her business Believe.  She also offers Bach Flower Remedies & teaches Usui Reiki Levels 1 through 4 & Training in Power courses!

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