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The Core 4 is now an additional 10% off for a total savings of 20%!  This makes 1 of your core 4 sessions free!  All other services are 10% off!  The discount will be applied to your invoice after booking so please wait for an email from me before sending payment. 


Ready to step out of your comfort zone and Step Within to where all the magic happens?

My elevator pitch to you:

You can choose to book individual sessions one at a time as you wish when you wish, whether it’s a Reading, Card Reading & Energy Healing session (also known as intuitive & energetic healing sessions) or coaching session, OR you can save by choosing to invest in the Core 4 Coaching Program upfront.  Both options include intuitive & energetic healing to various extents as mentioned on the Working With Me page, but the Core 4 Coaching Program is the best combination of both worlds.  Straight up, this is an investment in yourself to propel you towards achieving wellness goals in your life. 

If you opt for the Coaching Program, you can expect to need 4 sessions to complete the 4 phases.  These sessions are booked according to your individual needs & are meant to drive long-lasting profound change while giving you life-long tools.  Once you are through those 4 core phases, you can replicate the entire process yourself, with minimal to no input from me.  I do not require a signed contract. I honor you as the client to guide the process based on your needs.  And, I’m a text, email, or zoom link away from unlimited free support.

Intuitive &  energetic healing along with science-based coaching, in my humble opinion, is the best strategy to use when you’re striving to achieve wellness.  I’ve got a lot of specialized knowledge & training in this area so I’m a pretty good ally.  🙂 

What'll happen:

Step 1

You’ll book a 1:1 session with me through this page!  Reminder – the initial Coaching Session is required to be the 90 minute(ish) session.  Most all other sessions, including Readings & Card Readings (or intuitive/ energetic healing sessions), are 60(ish) minutes.  Please note the options for virtual or in-person & book accordingly.

  • you’ll be prompted to complete payment through e-transfer
  • another reminder: a full 24-hours notice is required to cancel/reschedule an appointment or the session fee is non-refundable

Step 2

Once payment is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email of the appointment along with:

  • a zoom link for the session (where applicable)
  • a few simple questions and/or visual scales to complete that will literally take less than 3 minutes to do (really!)
  • a simple waiver to digitally initial & sign

Step 3

We have our session!

  • we’ll discuss your concerns & goals
  • using intuitive energetic reading & healing, and/or coaching methods I’ll offer a new perspective to help you 
  • you’ll always have a summary form to review & reflect on the session along with the opportunity to add any additional thoughts or clarify any of the work we did 

Step 4

We’ll follow up at your choosing!

  • you choose & book your follow-up sessions however suits you 
  • generally speaking, the core 4 sessions/ 4 phases (more on this below!) include the Let’s Get Into It!, brain-training script, Let’s GO!, and an intuitive/ energetic session, however, you can structure your sessions however you wish!  Some clients opt for 2 Let’s GO! sessions and no intuitive/ energetic session for example.  You drive!  You choose!


Ideally, we have a few phases to complete if you opt for the Coaching Program…  and just a reminder, all of the following coaching sessions are done online.

Phase 1:

Let's Get into it!

We delve in!  We spend about 90(ish) minutes looking at the “where I am now” vs the “where I want to be”.

We explore & clearly identify what’s not working for you.  You will receive the magical gift of energetic healing & a new perspective.  You will be inspired & motivated to create change.

Want to know more about phase 1?  Read my blog post titled A little more About Phase 1!

Phase 2:

Brain-Training Prep

Through reflection of all we covered in phase 1 along with my intuitive/ energetic read, I prepare a brain- training script specifically for you.

The script will involve simple relaxation, meditational & visualization techniques that are tailored to you.

If this phase is desired, you’d then book a 60(ish) minute follow-up session where you’ll be cued to indicate that you want your script. You’ll notice there is an additional $75 fee for the individualized work I put in to preparing your script unless you opt for the “Core 4” Coaching program where you always save 10% making the script free.  

The brain-training script is super-important because it allows you to overwrite old, limiting beliefs & unhealthy energetic patterns with new, empowered pathways that are designed to easily propel you towards your goal.  Willpower cannot overcome those old unhealthy energetic patterns, but energetic healing & brain training through the script can!

Phase 3:

Brain-Training Delivered

This is a 1:1 session where I deliver the powerful & impactful brain-training script to you, we re- work it together to fully suit you, and you then get working on it!

Typically, the requirement to drive change is working this brain-training script morning & evening, for perhaps 5-10 minutes. Beyond this, you might have some simple reflective homework to do that ties in to phase 4.

This is where you start to create those new pathways for yourself.   Where you lay down new tracks to get to your desired destination and avoid the old routes and energetic patterns that keep you stuck & stagnant.  Want to know more about phase 2 + 3?  Check out this blog post!

Phase 4:

Let's GO!

This is another 1:1 session where we further delve in to what you’ve expressed as goals, and we break down those goals into small workable pieces.  We then have a structured plan for you to work towards your goals while you continue working your brain-training script.  From here the foundational work is completed! 

Future sessions might be to address brand new goals because your primary goal has been achieved! This is also a great time to revisit our progress markers so you can see where you were and how far you’ve come!

Continue walking the new path and experience long-lasting change… your limitless potential… living a life of purpose, joy, serenity, and freedom… living a magical life!

Want to know more about phase 4?  Or how Phase 4 is different than an intuitive/ energetic session?  Head to this blog post!


(Too long didn't read)

If you are more interested in the intuitive & energetic reading and healing part, and not so into the coaching aspect, that’s quite alright – in this case, you’d likely opt for individual Reading &  Card Reading sessions (intuitive & energetic healing sessions) as you wish.

If you’re the opposite and you’re much more into the coaching aspect than the intuitive & energetic side, that’s also quite alright – in this case you’d likely opt for the Coaching Program and avoid booking Readings & Card Readings.

If you’re interested in both, we can work with that too, and then again, the Coaching Program is your best bet where you could include a Reading/ Card Reading session.  Investing in the Core 4 Coaching Program upfront offers you a savings of 10% or the cost of the script! The Core 4 includes the 90-minute initial coaching session, three x 1-hour follow ups, and 1 script.  And with this option, you can choose to include a Reading & Card Reading session or not.

Once the 4 phases are completed, maintenance sessions are recommended as “check-ins” as you feel you need.

Allow me the honor & privilege of coaching you to not only attain, but to surpass & exceed, your wildest dreams…

 Lynne Brochu

Ready for change? All you need is an open mind…

It's too time consuming/ expensive

Your investment (in time & dollars) will pay you back.  Imagine easily achieving your goal, naturally finding your purpose, experiencing the alleviation of stress… or living your dream… You are worth that time & that investment.  If you truly feel this program is too expensive, I highly encourage you to take a gander at the FAQs page where I discuss this further.

This can't possibly work

The scientist &  physicist within me (along with the founding researchers behind neuroplasticity/ brain training) would disagree with you.  If you’re willing to do the work, you will have results. That’s simply how energetic healing & neuroplasticity works. I’ve witnessed it work countless times.  Revisit the Science & Magic page to remind yourself of how you can work for yourself instead of against yourself.

This sounds too damn hard

I can confidently say a life of monotony, stress, anxiety, & living in survival-mode with old, unhealthy, habitual energetic patterns is so much harder… the main challenge here is change, but simply embracing change leads to freedom. It seems hard because it’s new, but it’s actually a very simple & natural process. You ready to make a change?  The truth is, we will always find an excuse to stay in our comfort zone.  Staying stuck & stagnant is harder… the worst part is being in between now &  just getting started.  Choose your hard.  Perhaps get inspired from the Testimonial Page.