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The Scoop on Energetic Patterns

Welcome to any new readers & thank to all readers for being here. I’m Lynne Brochu – Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, Intuitive, and lover of all things Wellness. You might have noticed my introductory couple of paragraphs on energy patterns here at the top of the Science & Magic Page where I explain the who, what, where, when & why of energetic patterns. If you haven’t read that, I highly suggest you start there & then come back here where I strive to give a picture as to why energetic patterns matter.

You’ve probably gathered that energetic patterns aren’t cute or positive. They aren’t allies cheering us on in the game of life. They’re the opposite. They function to make us feel held back, stagnant, stuck, unfulfilled and caught in the endless hamster-on-a-wheel cycle that they are.

What’s the trickiest with energetic patterns is that they’re not exactly obvious. At least until you start to reflect & really look for them (& worth noting is it gets easier to spot them with any kind of spiritual or energetic training). But truthfully, most of us aren’t usually interested in even taking a look at what might be negative patterns in our lives. No time! Or if we do take note of negative patterns, we often hold ourselves there telling ourselves this is just how it is, it’s how it will be, nothing can change it & so on. It’s too hard & takes too much time & such baloney. Energetic patterns are often like an old comfortable T-shirt. When you’re wearing it, you don’t particularly notice it or pay attention to it. It’s just what is. If energetic patterns looked like what they actually are, we’d all be trying to walk amidst the many binds that constrain us, or we’d be carrying boulders, striving to move forward when our emergency brakes are on, dragging the heavy ball & chains behind us like prisoners (side note – I feel like playing Monopoly all the sudden! You know, the ‘ol GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL!), and lugging around some serious baggage, heavy powerlifter weights, & obstacle courses all at once.

So why bother spotting an energetic pattern? Awareness, alone, can free you of it. Tuning in & becoming aware, oh my god, this is such a pattern. I’ve had conflict at this job, then this job, then that job & they all boil down to the same damn thing! Moving job locations or even switching careers won’t change it because you, indeed, are everywhere you go. Just recognizing the pattern can loosen the hold it has on you. If you won’t look or self-reflect to recognize, oh man, every single relationship I’ve ever had always boils down to the same thing (I don’t ever do enough, it’s never enough, life always revolves around him, my goals & desires never matter, it’s so not 50-50, or it ends because of infidelity or whatever it is), then it will never change.

Nothing changes until the energy changes. Hopefully I’m painting a picture for you that anything other than the utmost of peace in your life is an energetic pattern calling you to get free of it. It’s up to you if you answer the phone. Anywhere in your life that is anything other than purpose, joy, serenity & freedom is an energetic pattern keeping you caught, distracted, & steering you away from what truly matters.

What does an energetic pattern feel like? Busy just getting by. Drained. Tired. Stuck. Stressed. Anxious. Down & flat. Spinning your wheels but getting nowhere. Controlling. Painful. Can’t rest & recover. Lost.

Sound like? No matter what I do or how hard I try, nothing changes. This is how it is. There’s nothing I can do about it. Incessant thoughts when you’d rather be sleeping. I can’t keep doing this. Or, if you’re at all like me, it can sound a wee bit defiant at times, like “I’m fine!” or it can involve projection that sounds like “You’re the problem!” or it can sound super-duper controlling of yourself (“I just need to a, b, c & things’ll be fine!) or others (“You need to a, b, c, & things’ll be fine!). Enter ultimatums & all sorts of control tactics. Enter all the ANT’s, self-doubt (You can’t!), & self-deprecating comments (Who do you think you are?!). It sounds like self-sabotage.

Look like? Please scroll up to the cute little hamster above on his wheel! And getting frustrated or angry about it, yet staying on the wheel. Going faster & doing the go go go like the energizer bunny, and yet you’re still on the wheel. And it looks like whatever your fight/ flight pattern is whether you tend to start a conflict, get passive-aggressive, short or inflammatory in your comments, avoid, escape, numb out, freeze & don’t know what to do or say, people please & appease (which is saying yes when you want to say f*ck no), and it’s the ‘ol trying to look put together but if anyone cares or dares to actually look, you’re flailing about.

What might I sense of know if I’m in an energetic pattern? You might know deep down that there’s got to be more to life than just ticking off the never-ending To Do list. You probably crave more alone-time, nature-time, or time to just do what you want & desire. You probably sense you default to the “booshie” self-spoiling stuff & don’t necessarily do true self-care a whole lot. You likely sense you’re seeking something more but don’t know where to go or what to do. Or you find something to satisfy your seeking in the short-term that somehow never really lasts, so you’re seeking endlessly.

Any hey, megaphone moment: I’m not free of energetic patterns by any stretch! So this whole blog & everything I ever say or recommend is also a message for myself. As long as you’re into self-improvement & self-progression, I don’t believe you’ll ever get free of all energetic patterns – it just gets easier & easier to recognize & clear them. The journey of life doesn’t ever stop or pause – it moves along & we can engage in it to the degree we desire. Energetic patterns are the same. I desire progressively more & more freedom so this isn’t work I’ll ever stop doing.

So what can we do about our energy patterns? There’s many options! And this is essentially why I exist as an Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, Intuitive, and lover of all things Wellness. I don’t believe you will ever experience full wellness until you address your energetic patterns. How you choose to address them is up to you. What I offer is the following:

  • 1:1 Energy Healing sessions in-person or online
  • 1:1 Readings & Card Readings in-person or online
  • 1:1 Wellness Coaching (online) where my favorite option is the Core 4 because it is thorough yet efficient, & offers you a savings for committing to the program upfront
  • Meditation courses based in Energy Healing (and hey! There’s a promotion on for June & July, 2023 only where you save an extra $100 off tuition! Tuition is normally $555, has been $495 throughout the pandemic & is now only $395 for about 20 hours of lecture, meditation & energy healing that runs 1x/ week for 1 month! Learn more here on the the Meditation Page!
  • Free Meet & Greets to see if we’re the right fit
  • $10 small group online sessions where you get a taste of each of the 4 phases in the Core 4 program
  • Free Intro sessions on any Meditation Course
  • Free Energy Healing through our Community Healing Group

Learn more about your options by exploring the About Page! In closing, if you’re desiring even a little more peace in your life, or you’d welcome more purpose, joy, serenity & freedom , consider working with someone who can help you identify & clear the energetic patterns you’re butting up against. If you’re ready to free yourself of the heavy boulders you’re carrying, I’d love the opportunity to help you fling ‘em off. That’s my jam!

Thanks for being here! Love & Light,

Lynne Brochu

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