Save up to 20% if you book NOW!

The Core 4 is now an additional 10% off for a total savings of 20%!  This makes 1 of your core 4 sessions free!  All other services are 10% off!  The discount will be applied to your invoice after booking so please wait for an email from me before sending payment. 

Update #2 on In-person sessions!

It’s Lynne Brochu here – the gal behind Step Within: Intuitive Energetic Coaching!  For those of you who don’t know, I’m an Energy Healer, Intuitive, Wellness Coach & Meditation Teacher for Training in Power Academy.

Now, this blog post is EXCITING!

In-person treatment is officially going to start as of Monday March 27th, 2023! But IMPORTANT: Booking will FIRST open for those of you on the waitlist in the order you got on the waitlist! Once we’re through the entire waitlist, then I’ll open up booking for everyone generally! Of course, those of you on the waitlist get a SALE PRICE on your first booking! How much of a sale remains up to you & is yet to be fully determined…

If you’re on the waitlist, I’ll alert you via email when it’s your turn to book. Please do not book until I alert you to it being your turn. You’ll book online. I’ll give you a window of a couple or few hours to book whatever day/ time suits you before moving on the to the next person on the waitlist. Upon booking, I’ll then walk you through the intake process step-by-step! It’ll be easy-peasy & all done online. You’ll complete:

  • a selection form so I know what kind of in-person session you’re after
  • e-transfer payment
  • a few simple intake forms that’ll literally take just a few minutes to complete

I’ll also apply whatever SALE amount you qualify for once you’ve booked, so please wait for me to send along your invoice before sending payment.

So, with that – THE SALE CLOSES SUNDAY MARCH 19TH, 2023! If there’s anyone you feel might be interested in booking with me for an in-person session, please refer them & tell them to email me ( to get on the waitlist! Remember I’m willing to go as high as 40% off(!!!) your first in-person treatment if the waitlist grows to that!

Right now we’re at 10% off as the highest reduction, so the earliest folks on the waitlist get 10% as the first tier, and the rest get 5% off as the second tier. We need a few more to jump up the highest reduction to 15%, have the second tier get 10% off, and then the third tier that would get 5% off. Several more if we want to then hit 20% and onwards up to 40% as our highest tier sale! So please refer over the next few weeks AND YOU SAVE MORE TOO! This is the final stretch! Insert kazoo blowing sound here!

I can’t wait to see you! Thank you for your patience! Does this mean our renos are 100% done? Nope! But we’ll do as much as we can in the next few weeks and otherwise I’m calling it good! Send me positive vibes that we bang out as much as we possibly can, and then the rest of the finishing touches can be done on my non-work days!

You can read more about your in-person booking options here on the following pages or through these earlier blog posts:

I am grateful for you. I appreciate you.

Love & Light,

Lynne Brochu

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