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The Core 4 is now an additional 10% off for a total savings of 20%!  This makes 1 of your core 4 sessions free!  All other services are 10% off!  The discount will be applied to your invoice after booking so please wait for an email from me before sending payment. 

Update on In-Person Sessions

I hope you all had a wondrous Christmas and this new year is off to a grand start!  I’m Lynne Brochu – energy healer, intuitive & wellness coach.  I intended to get this update out sooner, but I’ve been busy tackling some near-the-end-of renovations & projects.  Things that need to be done before in-person sessions can start!  I don’t yet have an exact timeline of when that’ll be, so I appreciate your patience & positive vibes as I plug away!

So, yes, in-person sessions are a go!  Thank you to those of you who got on the waitlist as I now know there’s enough interest to pursue it.   With that said, I’d love to have more folks secure their spot on the waitlist.  I have a certain number of clients I feel I can take on while continuing to prioritize my online clients, meditation students, volunteer work, other entrepreneurial endeavors and further energetic training.  I’ll only know once I get going how it’ll all balance so it’ll be an adventure I’m excited to embark on!  I know this isn’t going to be at all like the past where I saw in the neighborhood of 1000 clients just at Within Physical Therapy and had likely at least ten times that for overall visits.  This time around the big differences will be balance and that I’m prioritizing the portions of treatment I personally have found most effective & successful for both myself & clients over the years.

If you missed the details on how the in-person sessions would look, please read the prior blog post here:

As an incentive to get on the in-person session waitlist, I’m offering a tailored sale where I’ll offer a sale proportionate to the number of folks on the waitlist.  The first folks who hopped on the waitlist will get the best sale, and it’ll incrementally tailor down from there.

So, let’s get that mercury rising!  We’re currently at a 5% discount for that first in-person visit and I’m willing to go as high as up to 40% off!  If there’s friends or colleagues or family members that you feel might have interest in energetic healing, intuitive readings, or could use some help & support in achieving a wellness goal, please encourage them to consider getting started through an in-person session & this sale!

Why?  Quite frankly, even as 1 of 9 highly-trained Integrated Systems Model (ISM) Certified physical therapists in the world, I chose to leave that career behind & embark on this path of intuitive & energetic healing because that is what truly transformed my life.  It was such a profound shift for me that my life’s journey is to now share, coach & guide those looking for something similar. 

Energy healing (hands on or off, in-person or online) is a holistic approach used with the healing intention of addressing, aiding & clearing blocks and/or survival energy patterns that prevent our unbridled wellness.  Until the underlying energetic pattern is identified, understood and released, there’s not a whole lot of room for change.  Hands-on energetic treatment and/or coaching is a gateway to uncover and get free of those energy blocks.

Energy healing is also a wonderful stress-buster as it’s one of the strongest things to activate your parasympathetic system, allow for rest, recovery & repair, and healing to the depth of our entire being, beyond muscle, fascia, and our superficial layers to our absolute entirety.  Energy healing promotes overall sleep, renewal, regeneration, cleansing, and allows our fight/ flight (sympathetic) system to take a deep sigh.  And of course energy healing focused at the main root of your concern brings a wealth of focused healing directly to that targeted area as well. 

In short, if you’ve tried all the regular approaches but are still struggling with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, professional, or financial wellness, perhaps there’s an underlying reason for that.  There’s likely an energetic pattern needing to be addressed.

If you’re looking for change, it takes energy to move energy & you can’t get to a new destination by going the same old route you’ve always gone.  Old unhealthy energy patterns need to be addressed and cleared to allow for change that can take you to places beyond you could’ve ever imagined.  And maybe when energetic blocks are cleared, you make more profound & sustainable change when working with other professionals.  And on the other hand, maybe clearing the energetic blocks was all that was ever needed.

The Booking Page is now updated, so if you want to view the details of your booking options, you can do so here:

Please note the 60 minute and 90 minute sessions are time estimates only.  Often sessions run around 15 minutes longer so please be aware of that and allow yourself ample wiggle room when it comes time for booking.

I’ll keep you all updated and I appreciate your positive thoughts as I endeavor to get these in-person sessions going as quickly as possible.  If you’re antsy to get started in working with me in some way, consider having an online Meet & Greet with me, sign up for an online group session where you get to experience a taste of all 4 phases of the coaching program (what we do in the 6 months we work together) in 2 hours, join the free Community Healing Group, or book an online session!  You can learn more about all of these by exploring the site!

Thank you. Much Love & Light.

Lynne Brochu

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