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Working with me

“Coaches help their clients put together the pieces they already have”

- Abe Brown, CCF Instructor

Your Options:

Intuitive + Energetic Reading:

While intuitive + energetic work is somewhat included within coaching sessions, the difference is this session is entirely devoted to intuitive + energetic work. Coaching sessions are primarily geared to the coaching phases as discussed in detail on the Booking Details page. This session is ideal to propel you out of whatever rut you’re facing and pairs extremely well with the coaching program to help keep you on track.

Book this one-hour session at any time whether or not you are engaging in the coaching program

This is a great option if you’re not quite ready to immerse yourself in the coaching program and/or you want to see what a session is like

This is also a great option if you need assistance on a specific topic or stressor whether or not you’re amidst the coaching program

This session includes conversation, intuitive/energetic reading + support, identifying key factors of where you’re stuck, and tools you can use to address them

Post-session, a written summary of the key points in the session will be sent to you for your reflection


Coaching sessions are primarily geared to the 4 coaching phases as discussed on the Booking Details page. The first coaching session is required to be the 75-90 minute session. Generally, 3-4 coaching sessions are necessary to complete the 4 phases and to attain your goal + long-lasting change.

In Phase 1: Let’s Get Into It! we collaborate + complete a thorough form regarding key goals + stressors you wish to attain + manage

In Phase 2: Brain-Training Prep I take the important information and compile it into an individualized brain-training script just for you

In Phase 3: Brain-Training Delivered I deliver the brain-training script to you and we re-work it to suit you as best as possible

In Phase 4 :The Nitty Gritty aka Let’s Go! we collaborate + complete another form geared to breaking down your large goal from phase 1 into smaller, attainable chunks

Coaching sessions include conversation, some intuitive/energetic reading + support, identifying key factors + goals you wish to attain, and tools you can use to address them. Post every coaching session forms + written summaries of the key points in the sessions will be sent to you for your reflection and records.

Coaching sessions also include unlimited support through a client-management system called Dubsado where we can regularly communicate + check in with each other.

Or both!

We encourage you to implement a combination of intuitive/ energetic sessions + coaching sessions as they work extremely + seamlessly well together.

The Basics:

It's About:

  • collaboration
  • having a safe space to openly, honestly, and authentically explore what’s really holding you back…
  • and then kicking what’s holding you back squarely in the ass! And we do that through a structured program based in science – the science of neuroplasticity or brain-training.

It's Not:

  • advice giving
  • me telling you what to do (bring on the fight/flight!)
  • psychology or counselling
  • a vent-fest or a bitch-fest (darlin’, that’s what best friends are for!)
  • a quick fix

Step Within is here to help clients gain the tools to easily work through everyday stressors and life events, and to naturally attain any goal. We’ve got one shot at this thing called “life”, so I personally fully believe life needs to be more than a series of “to do” lists… life can be magical… and as an analytical and scientific person, I’m comfortable saying that life can be magical… after all, it really only looks like magic when you don’t fully understand the science…

Working With Me Entails:

One-on-one sessions through a virtual platform where I employ energetic and intuitive skills along with coaching skills to:

  • create a safe space to openly and honestly communicate and collaborate about life stressors or problem areas
  • assist you with a simple management plan relating to everyday life stressors or life events, or how to easily and naturally attain a goal
  • offer a new perspective (aka shed some light!) in those situations where we can only see option A or B, but there actually is an option C (and perhaps even option D, E…)
  • assist you in realizing the power of your own intuition (or knowing or gut feeling) for the purpose of improving your personal stress-management, relationships, and everyday life

One-on-one virtual sessions (see booking options and rates here) that allow you to partake from the comfort of your own home! All you need is a quiet space with your phone or computer (with video and audio connection)

A structured plan based in science and neuroplasticity (brain-training) that directly addresses your primary concern and how to create exactly what you want

Using a combination of conversation, visuals, and all of your senses to get you from where you are now to where you want to be

Using a variety of progress markers through scales and visuals to track your progress and growth over time

Recommended Treatment Plan

  • you will be required to book the 75-90 minute session for an initial session (as well as future phase 1/Let’s Get Into it sessions)

  • you otherwise have the choice to book 45-60 minute sessions or 75-90 minute sessions thereafter depending on the complexity of what you’re wishing to address; see booking options and rates here

  • there are 4 key phases to this program which you can read about here

  • on average, 3-4 core sessions are typically necessary to truly work through an issue and establish a structured plan that will bring long-lasting change

  • by the end of these 3-4 core sessions, you are typically comfortable with the strategy and tools to then re-utilize them for future goals/stressors with minimal (if any) input from me

  • maintenance sessions after the 3-4 core sessions are encouraged on an “as-needed” basis to assist with specifics of a future goal and/or an acute stressor; these sessions are directed by you and may occur a few times per year, for example

  • most importantly, you are encouraged to book sessions according to your needs and what feels right to you; the above is simply a suggested baseline for you to re-work to suit your needs and situation, however, it’s important to realize one session in isolation is not likely to transfer to the long-lasting change we’re looking for

Want to live a life of purpose, joy, serenity, and freedom?

Cancellation  Policy

Please be advised that a failure to provide a minimum of a full 24-hour notice to cancel /reschedule an appointment results in the session fee (that was already pre-paid to book the session) being completely non-refundable.

Confidentiality  and  Strict  Standards

Absolutely everything shared in sessions is kept strictly confidential, and as a Certified Coach Practitioner, I, Lynne Brochu (and Step Within: Intuitive energetic coaching):

  • wholeheartedly agree to abide by the ethics of the Certified Coach’s Federation (CCF)
  • am not presenting myself as a legal nor financial consultant, psychologist, therapist, counsellor, physical therapist or any other licensed medical professional
  • am not at all meant to substitute licensed medical or professional advice, nor to deter such treatment, or to replace/ discourage other personal development tools or services
  • intend to offer new perspective through intuitive/ energetic skills within a coaching structure and foundation, however neither I nor Step Within agrees to be held liable for any client’s interpretations, actions, or decisions based on their coaching session(s), nor for any client’s adverse reaction to a coaching session

Ready to step out of your comfort zone and Step Within to where all the magic happens?