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Working With Me

Coaches help their clients put together the pieces they already have


Your Options:

All options Include Reading & Energy Healing to Various Extents

Readings, Card Readings & Energy Healing

While energy is being read & wielded on your behalf no matter what option you choose, this session is entirely devoted to Energy Healing, with or without the addition of Card Reading.   

This session can be online or in-person.

This session is ideal if you’re looking for assistance with any physical symptoms, mental concerns, emotional struggles, or re: spiritual, professional, relationship, or financial goal(s).


All Coaching sessions are about wellness goal-setting & attainment through intention & Brain Training.

Coaching sessions are done online

These sessions are ideal if you are looking for Coaching & energetic support re: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, professional, relationship, +/or financial wellness goals.  The Coaching program is in-depth, thorough & includes Brain-Training which is how we drive positive long-lasting change.  There’s scales to track your progress & unlimited support.  

There’s 4 Phases to the Coaching program you can read more about here on the Phases & Details page.

Meditation Courses

I teach in-person Meditation Courses that not only includes Reading & Energy Healing, but also teaches students how to do the same!  The Meditation Courses I teach also transfer an energetic from the Teacher to the students that raises the students vibration.  The energetic transfer enhances the students comprehension of concepts, guides them to their intuition & knowing with safeguards, and ultimately teaches students how to uncover their own wellness within.  All of the Meditation Courses I teach are based in psychology & ancient energy systems.  Teaching requires years of disciplined training & certification.  Learn more here!

Or any combo of the above

I encourage you to implement any combination of the above as they all dovetail & work extremely well together.  Not sure where to start?  Go with the option that you’re most attracted to & trust your gut!  Or hop on a Meet & Greet call with me!

See booking options and rates here!  Registration for Meditation Courses is done separately of this site, so please contact me!

The Basics:

It's About:

  • Collaboration
  • Energy Healing
  • Coaching & Guiding
  • Having a safe space to openly, honestly & authentically explore what’s really holding you back… to identify it clearly…
  • and then Breaking Free!  

It's Not:

  • me telling you what to do
  • psychology or counselling
  • a vent-or bitch-fest (that’s what best friends are for!)
  • me fixing you – I am a Coach & Guide assisting you on your journey.  I use my knowledge to help you come to yours… your knowledge within is the best damn answer, always, period & exclamation point  🙂

Good to know

  • The 90 minute session is needed for our first Coaching session & can run over
  • Most other sessions (Coaching & Energy Healing) are 60 mins (ish) 
  • It’s best to complete the Core 4 Coaching program within about 6 months to keep momentum on your side
  • By the end of the 4 core Coaching sessions, you can re-use the process for future goals/stressors with minimal (if any) input from me
  • Maintenance sessions after the 4 core Coaching sessions are encouraged on an “as-needed” basis  
  • There are 1-day Meditation Workshop options and otherwise Meditation Courses run 1x/week for 1 month

Want to live a life of purpose, joy, serenity, and freedom?

Cancellation  Policy

A failure to provide a minimum of 24-hours notice to cancel /reschedule results in the session fee being non-refundable.

Confidentiality  and  Strict  Standards

As a Certified Coach Practitioner, I, Lynne Brochu (and Step Within: Intuitive Energetic Coaching):

  • wholeheartedly agree to abide by the ethics of the Certified Coach’s Federation (CCF)
  • am not presenting myself as a legal nor financial consultant, psychologist, therapist, counsellor, physical therapist or any other licensed medical professional
  • am not at all meant to substitute licensed medical or professional advice, nor to deter such treatment, or to replace/ discourage other personal development tools or services
  • intend to offer new perspective through Energy healing & Coaching, however neither I nor Step Within agrees to be held liable for any client’s interpretation(s), action(s), or decision(s) based on their session(s), nor for any client’s adverse reaction to a session(s)
I personally hold all that you share with me as confidential.  Please be advised that I use & depend on systems such as Zoom and Dubsado to carry out sessions & all aspects of my program.  I do believe such systems are reasonably secure platforms with reasonable measures in place for security, privacy & confidentiality.  By working with me, you agree and you acknowledge & understand the aforementioned is not guaranteed.

Ready to step out of your comfort zone and Step Within to where all the magic happens?