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What I Can Do For You

Readings, Card Readings & Energy Healing are available both in-person (in Moose Jaw, Sk, Canada) & online.  Intuitive Wellness Coaching is available online across Canada.  And Meditation Courses are in-person in Moose Jaw & area.  Learn more about your service options on the Work With Me page.


Clear & Direct is Kind

Here's how my view can free you

The wellness industry, despite branding itself as healthy & fulfilling, keeps us stuck on the wheel

For us seekers, the long laundry list of ways to get well & be our best selves keeps us stuck like the hamster on the wheel – always moving but getting nowhere, frustrated & tired of forever-chasing that next thing. 🥱 

Normal is Boring AF, Over-valued & Under-Serving

Normal was never my thing.  I’ve always known there’s much more to life than most people are open to, and my career path has explored & confirmed this knowing.  My unique background paired with your courage & drive to become your most & happy self can turn your life on a dime.  Let’s retire the hamster wheel, merry-go-round, and same old song & dance.  Finally & forever. ✨

Absolutely nothing changes until the energy changes. 

If you truly want to get off the wheel, the energy patterns that keep taking you there must be addressed.

Unbridle your wellness & light your soul afire

Unbridled wellness means we are thriving in all life areas – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationship & professional.  What you’re yearning & longing for is awaiting you, and is ready to collaborate with you in a way that matches the intensity of your desires.  Achieving the zenith level of wellness requires getting well at a soul level.  I’ve walked that path & am called to help all seekers & dreamers embark on a similar journey.  All it takes is stepping within, finding what lights your soul afire  & then following the lighted path. ❣ 

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Your Most Well & Happy Self Awaits You

Get Damn Well With An Intuitive Wellness Coach

A Wellness Coach is a Life Coach with a focus on holistic wellness – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationship & professional.  An Intuitive is a person with the ability to see, feel, hear, sense or know things, or the ability to “read” a person or energy.  Combine them together & a skillful Intuitive Wellness Coach will know how to help you nail down your key wellness goal (the target goal) so most (if not all) of your other wellness goals automatically align!  ✨  

Rocket To Your Goal With Brain Training

Brain-Training is the intentional act of replacing old or limiting beliefs & survival patterns with new pathways that propel you directly to the attainment of your goal.  Out with the old, in with the new and rocket to success! 🚀 

Clear Boulders & Obstacles With Energy Healing

An Energy Healer is a person who offers Energetic Healing, a holistic approach where energy is used with the healing intention of addressing & clearing old survival patterns or blocks.  Ditch the heavy burdens & patterns that are no longer serving you!  Achieving goals can be simple & easy-as-pie when all that’s no longer serving you is cleared from your path. 🤩 


Training & Knowledge

Expertise you can trust

Certified Life Coach – Certified Coaches Federation (CCF) 2020

Meditation Teacher & Faculty Member – Training In Power Academy (TIPA) 2017


Certified In Usui Reiki Levels 1 & 2 – Believe With Maggie 2019

Integrated Systems Model (ISM) Certified Physical Therapist – Diane Lee 2008-2020

Multi-disciplinary Clinic Owner 2012-2020

Conventional Physical Therapist 2006-2011, BscPT 2000-2006

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