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what i offer

Energy Healing

Readings & Card Readings

Intuitive Coaching

Meditation & Energy Courses

On Demand Services

I offer both in-person & online options for Energy Healing and Readings & Card Readings.  Intuitive Wellness Coaching is online.  And Meditation Courses are in-person.  Learn more here!  Plus I am available ON DEMAND for anything you’re after!  Contact me if you’d like:

  • a 1:1 Meet & Greet 
  • a small group online session where you get a taste of the 4 Phases of the 1:1 Wellness Coaching program
  • to register for OR to partake in a free Intro Session on a Meditation Course
  • to become a client of our Community Healing Group which offers free Energetic Healing to clients

Who I am & My Why

I’m Lynne Brochu.  40-ish, animal-loving, super-organized, sort-of minimalist who loves the heck out of high-quality self-spoiling items. I’ve always known there’s much more to life than most people are open to, and my career path has explored & confirmed this knowing. 

I’ve got unique science & intuitive/energetic knowledge from the prior 20+ years I devoted to holistic physical therapy.  Even as 1 of 9 highly-trained Integrated Systems Model (ISM) Certified physical therapists in the entire world, I chose to leave that career behind & commit to this path of Energetic Healing because that is what truly transformed my life.  It was so profound for me that my life’s work is to now share, coach & guide those looking for something similar.

Unbridled wellness is open to each of us & means we are thriving in all life areas including our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationship & professional areas.  Achieving unbridled wellness requires a holistic approach, Energy Healing, Coaching & Brain-Training.  Why?  Nothing changes until the energy changes.  Energy Healing creates the space for change – it’s a CTRL-ALT-DEL of the patterns that have been running our life so we can attain (& surpass!) our wellness goals through small attainable action steps.  With this formula, anything is possible.  

quick facts

On being a Wellness Coach, Intuitive & Energy Healer -

All I do & offer involves wellness, intuition, Energy Healing, Coaching & Brain-Training.  Wellness Coach: a Life Coach with a focus on holistic wellness.  Coaching includes Brain-Training which is the intentional act of replacing old or limiting beliefs & patterns with new ones that rocket you to your goal.  Intuitive: a person with the ability to see, feel, hear, sense or know things, or the ability to “read” a person or a room.  Energy Healer:  A person who offers Energetic Healing, a holistic approach where energy is used with the healing intention of addressing & clearing blocks +/or survival patterns.  Energy Healing can take a variety of forms.  I’ve trained into this arena in holistic physical therapy, craniosacral treatment, visceral release, reiki, a meditational system called Training in Power & more.  

On my personality & background -

I’m a 96% introverted INFJ who is constantly striving to ever-expand into my best self.  I believe we all need to let go of unhealthy patterns in order to do just that.  My background is the 20+ years I devoted to holistic physical therapy, owning & operating my own clinic & running a successful business. That’s about it… unless you count the days I spent operating a snack-stand at my local swimming pool in my hometown of less than 500 people… or the days I made ends meet by working as a waitress… or the days I worked as a housekeeper at a fishing lodge up North to put myself through University.  

On my philosophy-

What I’ve learned over the years is:  Nothing changes until the energy changes.  If you want to avoid going to the same old destination, you must address the unhealthy energy patterns that keep taking you there, and then brain-train your way to your actual desires.  And my absolute favorite is that true wellness comes from within.  There is no one better than YOU to find your own wellness, period & exclamation point.  A good coach can guide you in how to do just that.  🙂  And you get to choose how, whether it’s Energy Healing, Coaching, or Meditation Courses. 


Certified Coaches Federation (CCF) – Certified Life Coach

Certified Coaches Federation (CCF) – Hypnolinguistics Course

Training in Power (TIP):

  • Active faculty member & Level 1 Teacher 
  • Active participant in online training & community healing groups
  • Level 7, April 2022
  • Level 6, February 2020
  • Level 5, September 2019
  • Level 4, May 2019
  • Level 3, June 2018
  • Level 2, July 2017
  • Level 1, March, 2017
  • Relationship Course, May 2019
  • Archetype Course, October 2019
  • Alchemist Course, July 2020
  • Magus Course, July 2021
  • Dream Interpretation Workshop, August 2021

Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2

Past & no longer practicing

Integrated Systems Model Certified Physical Therapist, 2011-2020

  • Being one of nine ISM Certified Physical Therapists in the world required years of additional training & specialization
  • ISM assessment/treatment consisted of physical therapy techniques to assess & treat dural (craniosacral/nerve tissue) & visceral (organ) systems, and a variety of manual treatment techniques based in intuition, energetics & science
  • I had the opportunity not only to learn directly from Diane Lee (ISM inventor) but to teach the ISM alongside Diane Lee to other physical therapists
Conventional Physical Therapist, 2006-2011

BscPT – 2006 to 2020