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The CORE 4 is always on a 10% off deal and is NOW an ADDITIONAL 10% off for a total savings of 20%!  All other services are 10% off NOW! The savings will be applied to your invoice AFTER booking so please WAIT for an email BEFORE sending payment! 


(View Rates and Options for booking below)

IMPORTANT - Please use the same email address whenever you book a session.  To know why, scroll down and read more under the heading Rates + Options for Booking

Rates and Options for Booking:

IMPORTANT – Please use the same email address whenever you book a session.  Otherwise, you will need to track multiple portals to review your invoices/ forms/ emails instead of all of this being combined into 1 portal where all of your information throughout the program and across bookings is in 1 neat + tidy place! 

If you’re not sure which email address you used in a previous booking, contact me BEFORE booking!

Please note, the below rates do not include gst/hst.

Please keep in mind session length is a general guideline only.  Flexibility with sessions ending early or running longer is appreciated.

90 minute session:

required for the initial coaching session and all future phase 1 (Let’s Get Into It) sessions


60 minute session:

recommended for all follow up sessions without script and for intuitive/ energetic reading sessions


60 minute session WITH script:

required for a follow up session where the script is delivered to you


The Core 4 – commit upfront to the 4 core sessions:

includes one 90-minute initial session, three x 1-hour follow ups, and 1 script

choose this option and save 10% or $75!  this option makes the script free!

please note for this option, all of the sessions must be completed within 6 months (you can book sessions closer together if you wish!)


What you see vs what I see:

I’m fully aware that when people look at this price-list, they see the amount per hour.  And while I do not deny these sessions are an investment, what I see is the work that extends beyond the 1:1 session that can sometimes be overlooked + under-valued.  So while at first-glance you might just see the hourly rate, I see the prep work I do pre-session, the 1:1 time in-session, the post-session time where I complete the form or summary for you, the review time of your additions/ modifications to the form/ summary, and the unlimited back + forth support that comes with the coaching program… answering questions, delivering intuitive messages, wielding energetic support… and that all takes time… focused attentive time.  I’m happy to do it!  I love this “work”!  I just need you to recognize the fee extends far beyond the session! 



(too much information)

So, to keep it simple, 60 minute sessions are sufficient except for the initial session where a 90 minute session is required. Other than that, when you want to receive your script, book a follow up session WITH SCRIPT. That’s it!