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The 20% off will be applied to your invoice AFTER booking so WAIT for an email BEFORE sending payment! Your best deal is the Core 4 as it’s always on a 10% off deal and NOW it is an ADDITIONAL 20% off!


(See Rates Below)

Rates and Options for Booking:

75-90 minute session:

required for the initial session and all future phase 1 (Let’s Get Into It) sessions; recommended for complex follow ups without script


45-60 minute session:

recommended for all straight-forward follow up sessions without script and for intuitive/ energetic reading sessions


45-60 minute session WITH script:

recommended for a straight-forward follow up session where the script is delivered to you


75-90 minute session WITH script:

recommended for a complex follow up session where the script is delivered to you


The Core 4 – commit to the 4 core sessions upfront:

includes one 90-minute initial session, three x 1-hour follow ups, and 1 script (choose this option and save $75! this option makes the script free!) 

please note for this option, it is required to book the first 2 sessions within 1 month, and all sessions must be complete within 6 months (you can book sessions closer together if you wish!)


(Please note, the above rates do not include gst/hst.)

“With Script” is meant to be booked when in addition to the session, you want to receive the brain-training script created individually for you in phase 2. The “With Script” option is required when you wish to progress from phase 1 on to phase 3. The “With Script” option incudes an additional $75 charge for the script itself.

For straight-forward follow up versus complex follow up, this is meant to be a self-check on how much intuitive/energetic assistance you feel you need, how complex the issue is, and how much importance you place upon thoroughly delving into your story. I’d recommend you book the complex follow ups when you feel the need to thoroughly delve into the stressor or issue in detail. In a straight-forward session we will cover the stressor/goal efficiently and move on to form completion simply because the information in the form is what we need to drive change – which is our ultimate goal. I’d also recommend you book the complex follow up option when you place larger importance on the intuitive/energetic component over the coaching component (so we have the time to accommodate both), or when the goal or stressor you’re wishing to target is rather complicated.


(too much information)

So, to keep it simple, typically, 45-60 minute sessions are sufficient except for the initial session where a 75-90 minute session is required. Other than that, when you want to receive your script, book a follow up session WITH SCRIPT. That’s it!