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The Core 4 is now an additional 10% off for a total savings of 20%!  This makes 1 of your core 4 sessions free!  All other services are 10% off!  The discount will be applied to your invoice after booking so please wait for an email from me before sending payment. 

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1. Please select your appointment of choice & then ensure it is set in the CST time zone!

2. Please use the same email address every time you book a session.

3. Please allow flexibility with length of sessions.

Rates and Options for Booking:

Please note, the below rates do not include gst/hst.

Session length is a general guideline only.  Flexibility with sessions is appreciated.  We allow the energy to guide the session, and this means sometimes sessions end right on time, run a wee-bit over, or at most a 1/2 hour over.  Thank you for understanding & accommodating.

Online options:

The Core 4 – commit upfront & save:

Includes one 90-minute initial Coaching session, three x 1-hour follow-ups, and 1 brain-training script, all online.  Choose this option and save 10% or $75!  This makes the brain-training script free!

All of the sessions must be completed within about 6 months (you can book sessions closer together if you wish!) to keep momentum on your side.

In the Scheduler above, simply book the Coaching/ Core 4 Intake online option, and you’ll eventually be prompted to indicate whether you’re opting for the single $225 Coaching Intake (Phase 1) OR the Core 4 program ($699).


90 minute(ish) Coaching Intake:

Book this for the first online Coaching Session regardless of if you’re booking one session at a time, or you’re opting for the Core 4.  In the Scheduler above, simply book the Coaching/ Core 4 Intake online option, and you’ll eventually be prompted to indicate whether you’re opting for the single $225 Coaching Intake (Phase 1) OR the Core 4 program ($699).


60 minute(ish) session:

Book this for all follow-up online Coaching sessions including Phase 2 & 3 (the brain-training script) & Phase 4 (Let’s Go!), as well as for all Readings/ Card Readings & Energy Healing sessions.  In the Scheduler above, simply book the 60 minute online session option, and you’ll eventually be prompted to indicate what session you’re going with.  Remember the brain-training script has an additional $75 fee (making the fee $233) unless you’ve opted for the Core 4 where it’s free!


What you see vs what I see:

At first glance you might just see the hourly rate, but remember the unlimited support where I’m always a text, email, or zoom link away to answer your questions, deliver intuitive messages & offer Energy Healing.  I love this “work”!  I just ask that you recognize the fee extends far beyond the session!


In-person options:

60 minute(ish) session:

Book this for either an in-person 60 minute(ish) hands-on Energy Healing session OR for an in-person Reading & Card Reading session.  The former is hands-on Energy Healing (no cards) & the latter is Reading & Card Reading (with Energy Healing that is not hands-on).  In the Scheduler above, simply book the 60 minute in-person option, and you’ll eventually be prompted to indicate which of the two options you’re going with.  Want both?  Look below!


90 minute(ish) session:

This is an in-person 90 minute(ish) session that includes both hands-on Energy Healing AND Reading & Card Reading.  Get the best of both worlds with hands-on energy treatment combined with a Card Reading!  In the Scheduler above, simply book the 90 minute in-person option!  Please allow extra time for 


More info:

Energy healing is occurring no matter what option you choose.  Energy healing is not limited by time or space.  Said another way, hands-on touch is not at all required for effective Energy Healing to take place.

The hands-on Energy Healing session consists of:

  • basic online intake information & summary of the session 
  • discussing your concerns
  • energetic techniques called “listening” where light pressure is used to determine the location of the primary block, pattern, or area needing treatment
  • Energy Healing focused to the primary areas noted above which may include the dural system through the spine +/or head, organ system through the abdomen/ chest/ back, or to various other body areas & layers including the extremities 
  • exploring any intuitive information that comes forward during the session


With the addition of the Reading & Card Reading, your summary form will also include photos, descriptions & a summary of your Card Reading session.

Also Priceless

Too Much Information


So, to keep it simple, decide whether you’re after online or in-person options, or a hybrid of both. 

Know Coaching offers the most intensive Brain-Training, is done online, and is more in-depth. 

Reading & Card Reading sessions are identical for in-person & online options – with both you receive Energy Healing and photos & summaries of the session. 

For Coaching, know 60 minute sessions are sufficient for all sessions except for the initial coaching session where a 90 minute session is required. 

And know the Core 4 program is what I most highly recommend & it can be tailored to your preferences. 

That’s it!  If you want to hop on a Meet & Greet call to sort through it, or if you’re more interested in a Meditation Course, please contact me!