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Does this sound like you?

I'm always thinking...


I’ve done it all…

I’ve tried all the regular approaches, but I’m still struggling to meet my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, professional, +/or financial goals.  Achieving wellness goals has always eluded me.


I’m stuck in an endless cycle…

I’m overwhelmingly busy surviving, and I’m drained (no, exhausted!), stuck, stressed out & always feeling like I’m desiring more out of life, but I just can’t seem to find it.  I guess this means I’m hamster-wheeling.


I’m seeking something more…

I’ve always craved & yearned for something I can’t quite put into words.  I’m seeking this something more, searching to fulfill this sort of insatiable desire to feel truly happy & well. There’s just got to be more to life than this.


Maybe happiness is for fairy tales…

I’ve always felt true happiness & fulfillment must be something beyond my reach, something for fairy tales, or maybe unbridled wellness & happiness just doesn’t exist.  Or maybe it exists for other people, just not me.

How metamorphosis is yours for the taking!

Brighter & lighter days ahead !


You’re not broken – the health care industry is.

The wellness goals that have eluded you until now are just telling you there’s an energy pattern waiting to be cleared. Bottom line, regular approaches are over-rated & under-serving  because nothing changes until the energy changes.  


Break free of what binds you & claim success today!

The hamster wheel, the endless cycle, the countless times loop is just a survival energy pattern.  We all live in these unhealthy survival energy patterns 95% of the time. Past patterns are determining our present & future.  This can change today!


Step within to the something more!

You’re right!  There is something more that’s been awaiting you with reciprocated longing & yearning ever since you started seeking it.  True wellness & happiness which can only come from within, and it requires we get well at a soul level. Why not start today?


You are worthy of having it all!

Unabashed, unapologetic, unbridled  wellness & happiness not only exists, but is attainable to each & every one of us.  It just takes energy to move energy to then create the room to allow change.  You are worthy of that degree of wellness & happiness.  

Your Booking Options

Coaches help their clients put together the pieces they already have

Discover Truths & Possibilities Awaiting You With A Card Reading Discovery Call

Dip a toe in!

Come experience an online Card Reading that naturally evolves into a Discovery Call about you & your wellness.  Open your mind to another way & then marvel at how far it takes you.

Book What You Want When You Want

Wade in waist deep!

Have total control by booking the exact session you want, when you want it! 

  • Clear, Rest & Repair with online or in-person Energy Healing sessions
  • Gain Clarity & Perspective with Card Reading sessions
  • Nail the right action steps with online Intuitive Wellness Coaching 

Crush Your Wellness Goals With The I Want It All™ Program

Dive right in!

Get ready to finally say hello to your most well & best self! 

Get it all!  Readings, Card Readings, Intuitive Wellness Coaching & Energy Healing!  With in-person &  online options!

Save cash, access over $1000 in free perks plus there’s a money-back guarantee!

Learn to Correctly Read & Wield Energy With Meditation Courses

Cannonball time!

Learn how vast you truly are & unlock the door to your holistic wellness!  

Learn the truth, science & reality of energetics through 1-day workshops (~3 hours) or 1-month courses (where we meet once weekly for ~4 hours). 

Accurately read & wield energy!  Learn how to be a correct Energy Healer for self & others.

Good for you to Know

Cancellation  Policy

24-hours notice to cancel /reschedule outside of emergency situations is appreciated.  Thank you. 🙏 


I, Lynne Brochu (& Step Within: Intuitive Energetic Coaching):

  • am not presenting myself as a legal nor financial consultant, psychologist, therapist, counsellor, physical therapist or any other licensed medical professional
  • am not at all meant to substitute licensed medical or professional advice, nor to deter such treatment, or to replace/ discourage other personal development tools or services
  • intend to offer new perspective through Energy Healing & Intuitive Wellness Coaching, but will not be held liable for any client’s interpretations, actions, or decisions based on their sessions
  • will not be held liable for any client’s adverse reaction to a session as individual results will vary, homeopathic release is not uncommon & clearing welcomes all kinds of personal responses 
  • honor confidentiality to the best of my ability, but  please be aware I use various platforms such as Zoom & Dubsado, which while reasonably secure, may mean the aforementioned is not guaranteed.