Is this covered?

Some benefit plans do cover Life Coaching or Energy Healing, or have certain allowances for this type of work, often under Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, or Healthcare Spending Accounts beyond the regular drug, medical & dental coverage. But, I realize many plans do not cover this type of work, and this is why I offer the I Want It All™ program at a significant discount.

What if I fail or find I can't do this?

If you show up with an open mind & simply accept Energetic Healing, you're well on your way. If you also actively Brain Train a few minutes every day, you'll succeed. The fear of failure is one big unhealthy energetic pattern we all face. It comes down to making a choice to face it & work at it, or to stay stuck. The staying stuck is so much harder... It just takes small steps every day.

What do you commonly help people with?

Short answer: anything & everything!  Longer answer: Anything that falls under goals or wellness!  Anywhere you're looking for assistance & more wellness in your life whether it's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships, professional +/or financial, I'd be honored to help you crush your goals!

Will you travel to offer in-person sessions?

Nope. In-person sessions are only available out of my home in Moose Jaw, Sk, Canada. Please note I have a small flight of steps into my home main floor where all of our time is spent, and I have a harmless 16-year-old chihuahua pug, Lulu. If you have concerns about mobility or Lulu, reach out & we'll explore!

Aren't in-person sessions more effective?

Nope, not at all. Any quality energy practitioner will let you know that Energy Healing is just as effective online. I spent over 20 years working hands-on with people as a holistic physio & even I was surprised at how effective online is. It's the truth you'll come to know & discover if you choose to embark in any type of quality energetic training. There's something unspeakably comforting & authentic about doing this work from your own living space. It's difficult to explain until you experience it.

How do I keep track of our sessions?

I keep a summary recorded for you! Typical coaching sessions are conversational, sometimes with no written record to remind you of key things discussed. There's often no visual scales to track your progress. Unfortunately this means a lot of valuable information is lost which makes it hard to stay engaged & on track. I invest in awesome programs so that you always have summary forms & scales to refer to in your confidential always-there portal!

Can I do coaching in-person?

No, all coaching sessions are online. The options for in-person are 1:1 Energy Healing, Card Readings & group meditation courses.

In a simple sentence or two, what do you do?

I help clients get unstuck & attain the goals that have eluded them so far using Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching & Brain-Training.  Energy Healing is the Ctrl-Alt-Del for all that no longer serves us & Brain-Training is how to lay down the path that takes you directly to crushing your goals!  3 sentences I know... 😊

Why are you no longer a physio?

Like many, I found myself yearning to make a  pivot during the pandemic.  I believe we all need healing beyond our physical bodies and we need to be viewed in a holistic manner which rarely, if ever, occurs.  I believe, at times, the wellness industry has lost perspective. I love considering all of you - who you are physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, in relationships, professionally, financially, and in energy. 

Are you expensive?

Prices vary wildly out there & I mean wildly.  I have paid $300 for a 30-min coaching session through CCF.  I've seen a 1/2 hour card reading cost $100 to $300, an "intensive day of energy healing" cost $2000, and 1 coaching session cost over $1000 for 45 minutes.  I have clients & colleagues who've paid $15,000-$30,000 for a program. On the flip side, some of my colleagues are progressively increasing their rates to $10,000 for twelve 45-minute sessions, which works out to around $835 per session. Typical coaching sessions tend to range from $120 to $600 per hour. Like everything in health & wellness, there's a wide assortment in quality. I'm not a big fan of group coaching - the most powerful & monumental feedback is individualized and comes from a personal reading. I'm also not a big fan of time-based pricing which is why I offer unlimited priority support with the I Want It All™ Program.