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The Core 4 is now an additional 10% off for a total savings of 20%!  This makes 1 of your core 4 sessions free!  All other services are 10% off!  The discount will be applied to your invoice after booking so please wait for an email from me before sending payment. 


Wellness Coach: a Life Coach with a focus on holistic wellness meaning we are absolutely thriving in all life areas including our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationship & professional areas.  Intuitive: a person with the ability to see, feel, hear, sense or know things, or the ability to “read” a person or a room.  Energy Healer:  A person who offers Energetic Healing which is a holistic approach where energy is used with the healing intention of addressing, aiding & clearing blocks +/or survival energy patterns.  Energy Healing can take a variety of forms.  I’ve trained into this arena in holistic physical therapy, craniosacral treatment, visceral release, reiki, a meditational system called Training in Power & more.

I help clients get unstuck!  I use intuition, Energy Healing, Coaching & Brain-Training to help clients easily work through stress & attain wellness goals.  Energy Healing is the CTRL-ALT-DEL for all that no longer serves us & Brain-Training is how to lay down the path that takes you directly to your dreams!  3 sentences I know...  🙂

Learn everything you could ever want to know about energetic patterns right here on the Science & Magic page!  I love this topic so much you'll see there's even a blog post & video devoted to it!

Prices vary wildly out there.  And I mean wildly.  I myself have paid $300 for a 45 minute coaching session through CCF.  I've seen a 1/2 hour card reading cost $100 to $300.  I've also seen an "intensive day of energy healing" be available for $2000 for the one day.  I've done a ton of research in this area & prices for typical coaching sessions tend to range from $120 for an hour session up to $550 for 50 mins.  The highest I've seen was over $1000 for 45 minutes.  I've also worked with clients & colleagues who've invested in "coaching bundles" that range from $15,000 to $30,000 for a 6-month or 12-month program.  I have colleagues & mentors in this space who are progressively increasing their rates to nearly $10,000 for twelve 45-minute sessions, which works out to around $835 per session.  Wild, right?!  In case you missed it, my rates are as follows which is viewable on the Book Now page.

  • $158 for an hour of Readings & Card Readings or Energetic Healing sessions & $158 for any 1-hour follow up (online or in-person)
  • $225 for the 1.5 hour initial online coaching session OR for 1.5 hour Energy Healing in-person
  • $233 for a 1 hour follow-up with the Brain-Training script made solely for you as an individual
  • The Core 4 which involves paying upfront for all of the 4 core Coaching sessions is always at a reduced rate of 10% off ($699)

Wellness coaches, intuitives, spiritual coaches, psychics, mediums, life coaches, energy healers - there's a ton of names & titles along with those tons of options.  And like everything in health & wellness, there's a wide assortment in quality, training & certifications.

Although I'm trained in Usui Reiki levels 1 & 2, I do not offer reiki treatment.  There's aspects that are similar as far as intuitive messages & Energetic Healing goes, whether in-person or online. 

With the Coaching program instead of you laying down & receiving treatment, you're actively participating with me in a coaching platform while receiving Energetic Healing.  There's virtual or distance reiki (and all sorts of other energy healing models), which is similar to what I do in that I don't need to physically touch you or be in the room with you to work energetically (or intuitively).  I've also been asked similar questions like:

  • Are you a Shaman?
  • Are you a psychic or psychic medium?
  • Are you like a tarot card reader?


And technically, yes, I've undergone Shamanic training & I am an intuitive or psychic, but I prefer to consider myself as an Energy Reader & Healer.  And yes, I do card readings too.  But, what makes me a bit different is that I'm highly trained in various body systems.  So instead of picturing me as a fortune teller in some cloth-draped incense-smelling magical hut stooped over a crystal ball, picture me as a scientist who understands correct energetics & the magic it can bring.  But I do like incense too.  🙂  

Brain training is the intentional act of replacing old or limiting beliefs/ patterns with new ones that propel you towards your goal.  In short, brain-training is essential to driving profound & long-lasting change.  Why?  Because 95% of all of our habits are driven by the unhealthy, habitual, survival patterns that we all have.  Learn more on the Science & Magic Page.

100%.  I'm super-unique in that I don't require you to sign a contract committing you to 12 or 24 sessions or year(s) of working together.

The only soft "rule" I have is that if you choose the Core 4 option, it is best to use your 4 core sessions within about a 6-month time-frame.  This keeps momentum on your side. 

Some benefits plans do actually cover Life Coaching or Energy Healing, or have certain allowances for this type of work, often under a "health & wellness", "lifestyle", or "healthcare spending account" heading aside from the regular drug reimbursement, medical & dental coverage.

But, I do recognize that many benefits plans do not cover this type of work.  This is one of the big reasons behind me offering my Core 4 option & for offering sales.  So when there's a sale, if you opt for the Core 4 option it essentially means one of your four core sessions is free.  (Hint, if you want in on that, subscribe to my newsletter now because these sales will be exclusive to subscribers!)

In addition, I also run a Community Healing Group with Maggie Brochu as part of our Training in Power service.  Through this group we offer Energetic Healing to clients at no charge & in exchange you have a simple form to do and you're responsible for sending in updates to your team Lead.  Contact me if you're interested!

I'm not the type to should-you into doing anything.  Working with me, or not, is 100% your choice.  How I'm unique:

  • I'm a Certified Coach with lots of intensive training in reading energy & Energetic Healing.  I have a unique skillset in that I continue to train & develop my intuitive abilities and pair that with the knowledge I gained over 20 years of working in holistic physical therapy.
  • Typical coaching sessions are conversational, sometimes with no written record to remind you of key things discussed & no visual scales to track your progress. Unfortunately this means a lot of valuable information is lost which makes it hard to stay engaged & on track.  I invest in awesome programs for my clients so that you always have summary forms & scales to refer to in your confidential always-there portal!
  • Coaches typically are available during session only, meaning there's not a lot of ongoing support outside of sessions.  I offer energetic & coaching support outside of paid sessions.  I'm literally an email, text, or zoom link away for ongoing, unlimited free support in between sessions.  
  • I offer a balanced program that matches the importance of science with the importance of Energetic Healing.  We all need active brain training, a simple & structured plan to get us from the here & now to where we want to be, and we need to part ways with unhealthy energetic patterns that are holding us back.  Intuitive & Energetic Healing along with science-based Coaching is the best strategy, in my view, to use when you're striving to achieve wellness goals & make changes in your life.
  • The Step Within Coaching program is efficient! 4 sessions is typically all that's needed!

In-person sessions are now included in the Scheduler on the Book Now page! 

In-person options occur in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. 

Energetic Healing and/or Readings & Card Readings are available in-person or online.  All Coaching & Brain-Training is offered online only.

Meditation Courses & Workshops are also available in-person in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and area!

Nope, not at all.  I do understand it's a bit of mental gymnastics to comprehend this, though, so I'll give you a few examples.  I spent over 20 years working hands-on with people as a holistic physio focused on using energetic & intuitive techniques.  It was surprising to me how effective it was to switch to an online-only platform.  And even more surprising that my colleagues shared this same view based on their own experiences with transitioning to online-only.  Personally, I prefer working virtually.  I understand that virtual or distance healing can sound a wee bit out there, but it's the truth you'll come to know & discover if you choose to embark in any type of quality energetic training.

I prefer to work with you in your natural environment.  When you partake from the comfort of your own home or office, I'm reading the energy of the authentic you.  There's something unspeakably comforting & authentic about doing this work from your own living space.  It's difficult to explain until you experience it.  Straight up, you will experience the energy whether we're in person or not.  You will see, feel, hear, sense, know the energy. 

Want to have a free 1:1 Meet & Greet to experience it yourself and see if this is for you?  Want to join an online group session & experience a taste of the 4 phases?  These sessions last about 2 hours & are another awesome option to experience how it all works online (in a bit more detail) for a very small donation.  Contact me to join in!  Or check out the Testimonial Page to learn what folks loved about the online program!

No, all coaching sessions are virtual.  The only options for in-person are 1:1 Energy Healing, Card Readings, & group meditation courses.

I found myself (like many other people amidst the pandemic) yearning to make a  pivot.  The forced time away made me slow down & really reflect on what was (and wasn't) working for me in my career.  I believe we all need healing well-beyond just our physical bodies.  I believe we all need to be viewed in a holistic manner even though this rarely, if ever, occurs.  I believe sometimes (well, most of the time) we need to zoom out & stop looking at things in isolation. 

I believe things are done a bit backwards in "normal" society, especially when it comes to wellness.  As a conventional physio I was trained to look at your symptom-area in isolation and that never felt right to me.  That's essentially why I opened my own clinic & why I trained into holistic physio.  And while to me, that model was a far better fit, I still felt limited.  At least I could consider your entire body and how one area effects another & then another, but I still felt ill-equipped to help with everything else. 

I much prefer considering all of you as an entire person & being.  Who you are physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, in relationships, professionally, financially, and in energy.  Just because viewing things in isolation is normal & commonplace, doesn't mean it's right or best.  If you're looking to change & progress, it takes energy to move energy.  It takes awareness & focused work to bring profound & sustainable change.  But it's so worth it.  You'll find much more on this hot topic on my Blog Page.

Short answer: anything & everything.  Longer answer: All sorts of things that fall underneath the big umbrella of "wellness"!  Anywhere you're looking for assistance & more wellness in your life will qualify whether it's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships, professional +/or financial, it'd be something I'd be happy to work with you on improving.  This could be physical injuries, pains, limitations, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, self-acceptance, emotions around life changes, finding purpose, relationship issues, entrepreneurial concerns, juggling home with work & life, financial goals & more.  Learn more by visiting the Working with Me  page or the Examples of Recent Sessions blog.  While I'm not a financial planner or psychologist or couples counsellor, I am skilled in reading energy, Energetic Healing, and speaking the truth through intuitive messages.  If you're looking for change, it takes energy to move energy & you can't get to a new destination by going the same old route you've always gone.  Old unhealthy energy patterns need to be cleared & that coupled with Brain-Training can take you to places beyond your wildest imagination.  And maybe when energetic blocks are cleared, you make more profound & sustainable change working with other professionals.  And on the other hand, maybe clearing the energetic blocks & brain training was all that was ever needed.

No problem!  Here's a few simple steps you can take to engage more with me & then decide if booking is for you or not!

  • Subscribe to my newsletter!  Read prior newsletters and subscribe right here on the Newsletter Archive page
  • Read more on the website - something might catch your eye on the Blog Page or the Testimonial Page!
  • Contact me with any questions or concerns right here!
  • Ask me to have a Meet & Greet so you can experience the energy yourself and see if this is for you!  Do that here!
  • Get on the list to Join an online Group Session which is a great way to experience the intuition, energy & how I work online.  It's a great taste into each of the 4 phases & how I work for a very small donation.  Offered regularly & lasts about 2 hours. Get help with whatever goal or stressor is on your mind!  Join in here!
  • Check out my social media (links below - bottom right corner) to learn more about me & my style.  There's many great videos on You Tube to check out too!   
  • Consider the Community Healing Group which is a group of highly-trained volunteers who offer energetic healing for clients at no charge.  In exchange you simply need to complete a form & send regular updates to your team Lead.  This group is currently operated by Maggie Brochu & myself through our Training in Power service.  Contact me if you're interested!

If you show up with an open mind & simply accept Energetic Healing, you're well on your way.  If you also actively Brain Train a few minutes every day in the ways I'll walk you through, you'll succeed.  The fear of failure is one big example of an unhealthy energetic pattern that is keeping you stuck & stagnant.  There's many energetic patterns that we all need to face & clear such as people pleasing, perfectionism, workaholic-mode, the fixer, the guru and on & on.  It's part of the process, but it's a choice to face it & work at it or to stay stuck.  The staying stuck is so much harder...

If you're working at it, big or small, you're progressing & changing.  And it's accepting that this journey continues... you'll always grow & progress as long as you've got energy & brain-training on your side.  Read more on the common barriers & excuses we all butt up against at the bottom of the Phases &  Details page.  Small steps every day are the way to that life of purpose, joy, serenity, and freedom.