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Kick the Energy Patterns telling you 'this is just how it is' to the curb!

The patterns you have are not your fault, but as an adult, you are the only one responsible for addressing them.

That voice you’re hearing isn’t you, it’s an energy pattern

An energy pattern is old programming we inherit from prior generations, or have imposed upon us in such a way that it molds & shapes our brain, what we think, feel & do. 

Everyone has energy patterns.  We live in unhealthy energy patterns 95% of the time. 🤯😲  

Energy patterns have a knack for convincing us of untruths and making us believe that our identity is something other than what we truly are. Energy patterns are not healthy or helpful, they harm our self worth & how we view ourselves. 

Energy patterns are like gravity – we can deny that gravity exists, but we’re still governed & impacted by it.

Have you ever considered that the voice you’re hearing nitter-nattering away at you, isn’t actually you?

Shift everything by shifting the energy

We are all living our lives without realizing past patterns are dictating our present & future.  Past patterns create a trajectory that our present & future lives inevitably are governed by unless & until we change that trajectory by changing the energy. 

Energy patterns put us into survival or “fight/ flight” keeping us stuck in an endless cycle (hello 🐹 wheel) creating a gamut of emotions & various coping mechanisms.  Living in survival robs us of the very wellness & happiness we’re seeking. 

Sense the catch-22 here?  Patterns dictate our day-to-day life & keep us caught in an endless repetition of that pattern all the while draining our energy & clarity because of the survival energy they create, keeping us serving the pattern – not our true purpose, destiny & joy. 

Once we accept & understand the energy pattern has been running our show, we have the power to shift everything.  Awareness, recognition, and then understanding the purpose of the pattern shifts the energy, so the storm lifts away & is replaced by light. 🌈     

Energy patterns hold the key to what you seek

The key to the wellness you seek lies in an energy pattern within you awaiting your awareness.  Energy patterns aren’t meant to be feared, ignored, denied or buried deep – they are really there to liberate & free us if we have the courage to step within. ✨ 

Energy patterns served a purpose at some point in time, but as an adult, they’re no longer serving you. 

Embrace the awareness, lesson & wisdom of that pattern, and receive the very things you yearn & seek.

Want to know more?

A lot of times, the experiences we have throughout life reinforce an energy pattern making us believe it is somehow a part of us or who we are when that never was, nor will be, the truth.  It becomes separating what is you from what’s not. 🥰 

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Gain Perspective & Get Cleared with Reading & Energy Healing

If it doesn't come from within, it isn't sustainable.

What you really need to hear

If you’ve tried all the wonderful regular approaches, but are still struggling to achieve a goal, there’s an energy pattern awaiting your awareness.  

If you’re looking for true change, it takes energy to move energy.  You can’t get to a new destination by going the same old route you’ve always gone.

You cannot will or think yourself out of an energy pattern.  No matter how smart or driven you are, you just can not. 

When energy patterns are cleared, you may make more profound & sustainable change with other professionals.  And on the other hand, maybe clearing the energy blocks was all that was ever needed. 😊   

There’s always more to you than meets the eye

Reading a client, I may see visuals as to what is locking pain or an energy pattern in, feel the related emotions, hear the belief barriers, and get a sense as to what is really going on. 

Unraveling a symptom or concern often reaches far beyond what we expect, so it’s important to be open to whatever comes forward.

It’s like ever so gently unwinding a knot to get to the truth.  The truth sets you free. 

How Energy Healing can benefit you

Even the simple awareness of an energy pattern can be enough to break free of it. 

Energy Healing is a massive stress-buster.  It’s one of the strongest things that exists to activate your parasympathetic system (or the brake to our flight/ flight survival system). 😴 

The benefits are powerful & vast and can include deep rest, repair & renewal, cleansing, and healing to the depth of our entirety, beyond muscle, fascia, and our superficial layers. 

By now you’re understanding that Energy Healing is also necessary to kick energy patterns to the curb! 

Make your dreams your reality with Brain Training

Once we recognize we’re all fighting & butting up against unhealthy survival energy patterns all the time, we become motivated to create change & get free. 

Clearing the survival energy patterns might look like getting free of some form of self-sabotage, perfectionism, negative thoughts, being the workaholic, constantly looking for external validation, numbing out, avoiding or denying, people-pleasing & appeasing, control, and on & on.

Clearing the pattern creates the space necessary to cultivate change.  To avoid getting swept back into old patterns, we need to lay down new tracks that take you directly to crushing your goals.  Enter Brain-Training!  If you’re a science nerd 🤓 like me who loves stats & facts, Brain-Training dates back to the late 1800’s!  The ancients knew what they were doing!  Brain Training creates the path to the attainment of your goals. 🥳

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