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This was absolutely life changing for me – the very best thing I have ever spent money on!  I was impressed with how comfortable & easy Lynne made all of it, almost like chatting with a very smart best friend!  Lynne was able to take all my wild ramblings of goals & struggles, wrap them up, and present them to me concisely with a bow.  Lynne herself is a gift, such a lovely gentle kind soul.  I decided I was worth the investment & the investment has paid off thousandfold!” 

Marcie Allen

“My life is so different now!  I couldn’t have gotten there on my own.  I saw the effects of energy work in my body, mind & all through my life.  I’m learning to trust the inner voice that I’ve drowned out for so long to live a freer, more joy-filled life. I used to think wellness meant food & movement and while that does have a place, it’s only a small sliver of what I think wellness is now.  You weren’t meant to live a life bogged down by suitcases that you don’t need to carry anymore. Trust the process. The light will get you through. The other side is worth it!”  

Mallory Klein

Lynne’s goal-attainment program is a combination of amazeballs & enlightenment!  Not many people understand, let alone embrace in the way Lynne has, that really getting well requires looking deeply within ourselves & reaching for wellness from a soul level.  It is truly a rarity to find someone who is not only a correct practitioner of energy, but who also teaches this work so impeccably, correctly & just right.  Lynne is a rare diamond, a true gem & if you honor yourself by choosing to work with her, you will most definitely not be disappointed.”   


“I love working with Lynne! She has an amazing way of putting things into a different perspective, reframing and drawing out.  She creates a safe space to explore the areas that feel a little scary or stuck.  Her organization makes the whole process, from start to finish, easy & manageable, while being highly effective.  Her support is unwavering and she goes above & beyond to hold space for your process, whatever pace you are moving at.  You are in amazing hands working with Lynne.”

Richelle Galay-Cartwright

“Trust Lynne. She lets you blossom at your own pace, and she’s a very intuitive, warm & calming person.  I was hesitant about the investment but it’s worth every dollar.  I am more focused & I am sleeping better.  I often struggle with following a plan but the brain-training has actually created a flow for me. I have more acceptance of myself & trust in my higher power. I have learned to nurture myself. My favorite stand-out is knowing that I’m enough & always have been!  Lynne’s support is truly so valuable.”

Lenora Morhart

“My experience was fantastic! I’m a raving fan! Lynne has a way of connecting with people that I have not found elsewhere. The program was 100% worth it to me. 100% successful. Lynne was always there when I needed guidance or support. The brain-training script was paramount for me. I loved the check-ins & energy support. I’ve always had a positive experience with Lynne – mentally, physically & emotionally and I have always trusted her processes. Working with Lynne, I am able to think through things better. I constantly think about the energy I am putting in, how I can change myself & I am more positive. Lynne, I can’t thank you enough.”


“While everyone’s experience working with Lynne is going to be unique, I believe Lynne can adapt to help anyone achieve their goals!  If you’ve been considering working with Lynne, I’d say just go for it!  I was hesitant about doing energetic work online instead of in person – I didn’t think it would feel that effective when not physically in the same room, but I was definitely wrong!  Lynne has developed a way of connecting online that feels effective & personal.  The brain-training script felt created just for me & it’s something I continue to use.”

Rhaea Stinn

Working with Lynne helped me to create the space I needed to take a breath & a moment to realize I am the only one standing in the way of the life I want to lead.  The power of the mind, faith, process, trust & energy to move mental mountains is phenomenal. Lynne helped me through the stress & anxiety of working in healthcare during the pandemic.  Lynne gives unwavering empathy, support, energy & love to elevate your mindset to know that there are limitless possibilities if you shift your perspective.  Thank you Lynne.  I’m so grateful to you.”

Rhonda Kwan

“If you are feeling stuck, missing your zest for life, or just want to improve the life you already love, book with Lynne! I met my first goal & then checked off a bunch of other goals I never thought I would accomplish in the next 10 years. It was definitely worth it!  I had tried everything else & felt like I kept spinning my wheels. This was everything I needed!  We made so much headway on removing old energy patterns that were no longer serving me. Tuning within has given me so much confidence to know that I can take on whatever I want & succeed.”


Lynne has given me the thrust & momentum to get out of the plateau where I’ve been sitting stagnant for so long. Lynne helped me find a sense of empowerment I didn’t know I had.  Lynne was with me every step of the way, acknowledging my success & guiding throughout. The brain-training script has been super helpful in that when life appears tough, I will listen to it & get back on track.  I feel quite different & have a better outlook. I have self-dominion, am happier & at peace.  It’s been miraculous!”

Maggie Brochu

“Before I went to see Lynne, I felt emotionally & mentally drained. I felt like I was trying to tread water but just kept going under. I felt, instinctively, I was being led to Lynne. And, I was not disappointed. Lynne provides a calm, safe, welcoming environment where she gives you her undivided time & attention. She actively listens & intuitively knows how and where to get to the source of the problem.  I believe we all have our own answers within ourselves. Lynne is skilled at helping to uncover & bring those answers to the surface.”


“Lynne has a very calm personality & she really listens – I mean really listens. Our health system nowadays is fast.  Lynne is completely the opposite.  I love the brain-training!  When you think differently, your body responds.  Lynne will also email you out of the blue just to check in – who does that? Her caring manner and treatment is very gentle & thoughtful, and Lynne will explain everything. I highly recommend Lynne.  She’ll go the extra mile, take that extra minute and give you the assurance that you can & will move forward.


Lynne is truly a wizard at work – she has a way of operating that I have not come close to encountering anywhere else and I’ve done it all!  I spent so much time & money trying all the things, and I never seemed to get anywhere no matter how hard I tried, how many exercises were thrown my way, or how many people I saw.  Lynne is different.  She listens.  She explains.  She takes the time and she has a way of narrowing in on the problem quickly & effectively.  I wish I would’ve started with Lynne way back at the beginning and saved myself a whole lot of time, money & stress.  Nothing else comes close.  Nothing else compares.  Lynne is a truly gifted healer.”


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