Create & Manifest

Create & Manifest Through Brain Training & Clearing Patterns

We’ve all been harmed & hurt.  It’s just a fact of life.  No one escapes having energy patterns created from that hurt or harm.   And it’s a fact that energy patterns impact our present & future life in big ways.

I personally had some BIG blocks that sounded like I’m not creative, I can’t manifest sh*t, and I’m just not good at creating or manifesting anything.

It took me years (seriously, years!) to face my fears & redo these end-tables. Anything I created as a child brought me such joy, but it was always destroyed, used to humiliate me, or used to gaslight me.  Joy was not allowed.

So creating or transforming something just seemed too damn hard.

Amidst the holiday season & processing a lot of layering with grief, I decided to put all that energy to good use. It took some brain-training & clearing those old energy patterns, but I did it! No, these end tables probably aren’t for everyone, but I love them!

The takeaway for you is wherever you struggle to really show up for yourself, know it’s from harm, so be gentle with yourself.  You can brain-train your way to anything & everything.  It might be hard, but it’s a whole lot harder to stay in the unhealthy energy patterns holding you trapped & stuck.  You have the knowing to adapt, pivot & find your way through anything.  When the hardness peaks, you are at the brink of breaking through & succeeding – just don’t stop.  And last, grief can be a great fuel when framed correctly.  Check out my prior blog post to learn about that one.

Now for full transparency, not pictured is the frustration, nothing working as it said it would, and the deep clean-up, both on the internal & external.  And confession, paint got everywhere!  I chose a pastel ocean blue for the inside of the endtables.  It’s a beautiful soft blue.  It got everywhere & I mean everywhere.  Even Lulu’s little paw-pads were blue!

These end tables belonged to the main harmer in my life, adding layers of complexity.  While redoing end tables might be framed as a small win to many, to me it’s grand & profound because in every way he would always choose to destroy, but I’ll always choose to transform.

The choice is always yours. And you can always reach for help.

What do you want to create & manifest?  Do you desire it enough to clear some old patterns that aren’t serving you with Energy Healing?  And to do some Brain Training?

Lynne Brochu