Launching The I Want It All™ Program!

Break free of what binds you & crush your wellness goals in just 6 months with the I Want It All™ program!

A brief history for you – The I Want It All™ program is the result of studying data from over 125 reps with my first program, The Core 4.  Looking at the data revealed patterns & commonalities, and showed me where improvements could be made such as where clients needed more support. ⁠

The Core 4 program itself was built from knowledge I gained working with over 10,000 clients over 20 years in holistic physio.  The Core 4 combined the complexities of the human body with brain-training & what I know as an accomplished Energy Healer. ⁠

Short & sweet, the Core 4 program has levelled up into the I Want It All™ program, and includes Intuitive Coaching, Energy Healing, Card Reading, Brain Training, simple Action Steps, unlimited priority support over the entire 6-month program & over $1000 of free perks!

Plus, the I Want It All™ is my first program with both online AND in-person options, allowing for a hybrid approach for those local to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Not local?  Prefer online anyways?  No problem!  The program can be completed entirely online & is just as effective.

To celebrate this new launch, the program is available, for 10 days only, at nearly 35% off!

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Now An Emotional Throwback

I was remembering over 20 years ago when I was first thinking about opening my own practice & what name or logo I could have.⁠

I ended up choosing the name Within: Self Mastery Through & Beyond Physical Therapy, and that felt so fitting & right.⁠

As I looked back, I could now see the wisdom in the name I chose that I hadn’t even touched in to yet. It really is about stepping within. You cannot find self-mastery any other way. You cannot become your most well & best self depending on someone else, no matter their expertise.  It’s an inside job. I guess my lesson was to become 1 of 9 ISM Certified Physios worldwide to learn that.⁠

I’m beyond-grateful for the journey that was Within Physical Therapy & I will forever hold that experience in my heart, but I developed & succeeded in that particular journey to the absolute fullest that I ever could. And it became time to develop further & succeed in new ways.⁠

It just hit me in that moment where I was remembering, that some part of me way back when knew that I’d move through & beyond physical therapy to more self-mastery & more of my authentic self.  

You can too. I’d argue we’re meant to.  And that’s why the I Want It All™ program exists.  Who knew 20 years ago I’d morph into an Intuitive Wellness Coach, Energy Healer & Meditation Teacher?  Not I.  But my higher self sure did.  And I’m so thankful I listened & am making my journey count.  You can too.

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Love & Light,

Lynne Brochu