Within Physical Therapy Becomes Step Within

Alright, so many of you know me through my prior career in holistic physical therapy and the clinic I operated (Within Physical Therapy or WPT for short). Many of you wonder why I closed WPT and what this new business is about…

So, to answer some of your questions: I loved the work at WPT and I especially enjoyed working with so many awesome clients who were open to a holistic model that encompassed energy work. Let’s face it – WPT was my home away from home for nearly a decade.

While I loved the work at WPT and I especially enjoyed the Integrated Systems Model or ISM, the abrupt impact of covid and the forced closure of the clinic March 18th, 2020, was a surprise. Through it all, I worked very hard to tune to my intuition, and it became clear that the pandemic was a time for me, like many others, to make a grand pivot. A lot of significant things happened to show me the path I was to take, and I instinctively knew I no longer identified with being a physical therapist in Saskatchewan. It was almost like the world on its massive scale was going through this grand pivot, and I was to do the same. I didn’t totally understand how or why or what that might look like, but I knew I needed to close WPT. I simply followed my gut and buckled my seatbelt not really knowing where the drive might take me.

It was a super-difficult choice to permanently close WPT because I knew there are very few ISM-Certified physical therapists worldwide (the last I knew there were 9 total in the world), and certainly no ISM options locally to Moose Jaw. I’d also worked my ars off to become ISM Certified and I invested a lot of time and money into the process. I knew many were depending on me to re-open. But I also knew I needed to pivot and now was the time.

So, I held on to what I’m most passionate about which is intuitive and energetic work, especially that which is based in science. The similarity between WPT and Step Within is the use of intuitive and energetic work to bring healing to a client. The difference between WPT and Step Within is the hands-on physical therapy part is being entirely replaced with a coaching platform. Through the comfort of your home, we get to connect with no obstructions, and we get to work together to bring you energetic healing, intuitive messages, and science-based coaching. It really isn’t all that different.

Both WPT and Step Within also used/ use brain training which is essential to creating long-lasting change. Many of you heard me refer to brain training at WPT as “laying down new tracks” and this is still true for Step Within. You must leave the old tracks behind and start walking a new path to get to a new outcome. If we focus our attention on starting to walk that new path or lay down those new tracks – and we keep at it, we build a new path to the destination that is actually in line with our goal – that empowers us and propels us to our limitless potential.

Step Within is here to help clients gain the tools to easily work through everyday stressors and life events, and to naturally attain any goal. We’ve got one shot here, so I fully believe life needs to be more than a series of “to do” lists or fulfilling the obligations of others.

Want to live a life of purpose, joy, serenity, and freedom?

Join me.

Lynne Brochu