2020 Reflections

So, a new year is upon us once again…

For some, it seems just like pure relief to say goodbye to 2020. For others, there’s gratitude for 2020 in that we’ve now seen what isn’t really working for us in our lives, and we’re thankful to have been kinda forced to see it. What about you? How do you feel about 2020? Are you ready to embrace 2021? What are you all hoping & dreaming of for 2021?

I’m one of the grateful ones for 2020 although it was a difficult year. Not that anything about covid was pleasant or expected but, I’m grateful for the forced time I was made to take. Without that forced time, I wouldn’t have seen what is now obvious to me. I’m grateful for the much-needed time I got to be in nature and to care for myself. I did a lot of energetic healing. And all that catapulted me to make a grand pivot where I severed ties with my old career. It was time. I meditated, did yoga, walked daily in Wakamow Valley through the sunburns to windburns to frostbite, and I launched this new career, took courses to become a Certified coach, expand on my energetic skills, and help clients on their journey to wellness as I was doing the same for myself.

As I flipped through my 2020 day-planner, I quickly saw how I was able to attend a life-changing conference in Vancouver just before covid hit. After less than 2 weeks of returning to work, Within Physical Therapy was forced to close on March 18th. By early April I signed up to do several courses & workshops aiding myself and others using meditation & energetics to heal. I signed up to do further work so I could become a Training in Power Teacher. Right after I celebrated my 38th birthday, I knew I had to close Within Physical Therapy permanently. All my healing work led me to this decision and I know, for me, it was and is 100% what I needed to do.

Within 10 days, everything Within Physical Therapy was done and gone. The business I built by myself and made a roaring success with the people of Moose Jaw was gone within 10 days. Almost a decade of memories closed & shut down in just a few days. While I missed my dream clients, I knew it was right for me, and so I plugged away at launching my new venture. 

And dare I say, I actually really really really enjoyed the quiet Christmas.

So, that’s my story of gratitude for 2020. You see, without 2020 and the forced time, I would’ve never slowed down enough to see through a new lens. Without all of that time, reflection & opportunity to truly heal, I would’ve never made the pivot I was meant to make. I started to peek out this new lens, and the Universe said I See You, and gave me gift after gift… gifts that’ll keep on coming throughout 2021. I just know it.

While it is bittersweet to close the chapter that was my pride & joy for so many years, I’m leaning into the fact that all those years served the purpose of progressing on my journey by doing what I’m doing now. I gained all I could have ever hoped to at Within Physical Therapy, and I needed to embark on a path that would allow me to continue to grow & progress, and foster my own journey as I help others do the same for themselves.

Lynne Brochu