More About Phase 1 – Let’s Get Into it!

Phase 1 is lovingly called Let’s Get Into It! and is the groundwork for the entire coaching program!  This is where we thoroughly delve into what your concerns are and what your goals are. It’s the “where I am now” versus the “where I want to be”.

We complete a thorough form that first identifies all of your wellness goals across the 7 categories of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, professional, and financial areas.  We then identify your target goal. The target goal is the goal that when achieved, makes all the other goals in that really long list easier to attain. Another way to say this is, the target goal is the goal that when achieved brings the majority of all the other goals in your list into alignment too.

We identify and address obstacles & stumbling points, resources, and an action plan of “how to’s” to get you from the here & now to where you want to be.

And we have you sense in detail what it’d be like to achieve that target goal, and how you’d celebrate that achievement!  We do this because your senses around the achievement and celebration of achieving that target goal are super-powerful forms of brain-training that literally wires your brain to help propel you towards the achievement of that target goal.

Phase 1 is about me creating a safe space in energy so that you can openly & honestly explore what’s not working for you. Using intuition & energy, I work to offer you the gift of a new perspective along with energetic healing. Phase 1 is inspiring & motivating and that creates the necessary space to welcome change.

Phase 1 is really the starting point and it’s akin to pulling back a slingshot, and pocketing all that momentum to then be propelled towards achieving your target goal.  Insert your favorite rocket analogy or whatever scene of snow-hill climbing with a sled or taking all those to the top of the waterslide and you get the drift.

The truth is if we aren’t actively brain-training and addressing unhealthy energetic patterns, we will be swept away by those old patterns.  95% of the time.  So, it’s an endless loop much like a hamster on a wheel and that’s why we often feel so damn stuck!  It’s just human tendency to default to the one of many unconscious pathways or energetic patterns that run our show. These would be patterns like self-sabotage, automatic negative thoughts (ANTs), perfectionism, workaholicism, or whatever “fight flight” or survival is for us. Could be buried anger, passive aggressiveness, or going into retreat/ avoiding/ hiding/ escaping life mode, numbing out (emotional eating, video games, tv, social media, shopping, gambling, sleep, alcohol, drugs, controlling tendencies), people pleasing & appeasing, or whatever trauma responses are hard-wired in our brain to keep us safe. But the point is, none of these patterns are serving us now. They keep us stuck. And the point is, we have to desire to no longer be stuck. To move out of survival & old patterns to living as our authentic selves.

So, if you’re tired of feeling stuck and you’re tired of the endless loop, I invite you to get out of your own way, and allow me to show you how can you start working for yourself instead of against yourself.  Just because it is normal for those unconscious pathways and energetic patterns to run the show for most people, doesn’t mean it has to be the normal for you. It’s a matter of a “reset” like a Ctrl-Alt-Del, out with the old (which comes with Energy Healing) and in with the new (which comes with Brain-Training)! And it all starts with Phase 1 – Let’s Get Into It! 

We can always build a pathway to happily ever after.  In simple, easy, natural, science-based ways. It just takes the desire to no longer tolerate the as-is, some energy & Brain-Training.

Lynne Brochu