More On Phase 2 & 3 – The Brain-Training Script!

Hi there! For any new readers, welcome! I’m Lynne Brochu – the gal behind Step Within: Intuitive Energetic Coaching. I love energy healing & I love brain-training.

In Phase 2 of the coaching program, I design a brain-training script made entirely just for you!  Essentially, I gather up all the diamonds from our thorough Let’s Get Into It!/ Phase 1 work & compile it all into an individualized script for you!  And that brain-training script is delivered to you in Phase 3!

The script will involve simple relaxation, meditation, and visualization techniques that will all be tailored specifically to you so that it feels easy & natural for you to brain-train with.  No two brain-training scripts are even remotely alike, so it’s a process for me to find my way through all the information we covered in Phase 1 to design the ideal brain-training for you.  It’s important because this brain-training is the way for you to achieve your dream goals!

The brain-training script is the most powerful piece of what we do!  Brain-training is designed to overwrite & replace old, limiting beliefs with new & empowering ones.  Brain-training is a way to replace the old stuff we do to ourselves & the things that are no longer serving us with new patterns & pathways that are actually aligned with our goals.  Said another way, if you’ve had enough of the old pathways like negative self-talk, self-sabotage & self-destruct settings that keep us stuck in the endless loop like a hamster on a wheel, then it’s in your best interest to brain train & lay down new tracks to get to the new destination!  It’s also about letting go of expecting the old ways to take you there because they won’t.  Willpower cannot & will not overcome those old paths but brain training can!

In Phase 3, I deliver the brain-training script to you by having you hear it & receive it in energy.  We then re-work anything & everything about the script that doesn’t feel 100% right for you.  I then instruct you on a variety of ways you can incorporate the brain-training script into your day-to-day life!  Typically, the requirement to drive change is working this brain-training script morning & evening, for perhaps 5 minutes.  But there’s many ways to accomplish this so you can make it all suit you & your busy life. For example, I tend to brain-train in very short under 60-second intervals, but more often throughout the day.

Brain-training is possible for any goal you want to meet or exceed. It’s not too good to be true. It is science. It is energy. Wherever your mind goes, you build those pathways, and too often our mind defaults to pathways working against what we truly need & want.

Lay down new tracks & get on the path that leads to your dreams. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Fighting the old leads nowhere except being hard on ourselves – building the new sets you free.

Thanks for being here! Love & Light!

Lynne Brochu