More On Phase 4 – Let’s Go!

Thanks for being here. I’m Lynne Brochu – Energy Healer, Intuitive Wellness Coach, Meditation Teacher & Bain-Training enthusiast! Phase 4 is called Let’s GO for Goals & Objectives. Phase 4 typically follows a few months of consistent brain-training work with the script. Often prior to Phase 4, clients have reached out for Energy Healing.

A quick recap of each phase of the Coaching Program for you:

Phase 1 is Let’s Get Into It and is the where you are are vs the where you desire to be. We explore all of your wellness goals & nail down the target goal – the one goal that helps the entire list come into alignment.

Phase 2 & 3 involve the Brain-Training script which is essential to overwriting old, limiting beliefs & laying down new pathways that function to propel you towards your goal. Without brain-training it is inevitable that we’ll be caught in our old patterns time after time.

Phase 4 hones in a short-term goal that can directly or indirectly relate to your big target goal from Phase 1. Phase 4 is where we take a look at what goal needs a bit more focus, action steps, and brain-training to fully achieve it. Often there’s one area that shows it needs a little bit of extra attention or TLC. Most of the goals from the long list in Phase 1 will likely have been accomplished except for this (ahem, pesky) one that needs a little more attention. It’s really a bite-sized goal that holds great purpose in propelling you towards the grand goal of overall unbridled wellness. It puts momentum on your side because we achieve a quick win!

I often get asked what’s the difference between a Phase 4 session and an Energy Healing session? Phase 4 is a heavier focus on the coaching aspect, so action steps, brain-training & strategizing to ensure success. Energy Healing is more heavily focused on clearing an unhealthy survival energy pattern. It comes down to knowing when is Intuitive Wellness Coaching (brain-training, action steps, strategy) going to be of more assistance, and when is Energy Healing going to be of more assistance. I’m happy to help you identify that if you’re not sure!

I’ll add that if you’re flowing along, all is going well, and then something comes along that feels like it derails that momentum, it’s probably an old unhealthy survival energy pattern rearing up. In this case Energy Healing would be the best fit, and it’ll get you back on track. Know you did absolutely nothing wrong – how it works in energy is whatever is needing to be addressed & cleared is meant to come up so we can address it & release it! It’s like an alert – Hey! I’m a pattern that’s no longer serving you & I’m ready for you to take a look at & let me go! If instead your Brain-Training is going well, but you feel like you need additional action steps to nail down a goal, that’s a better fit for Phase 4.

Love & Light,

Lynne Brochu